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Multicultural Family Support Centers

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Projects by Program
  • [Family] Programs for setting up bilingual environments, improving family relationship and communication between family members, and children's education
  • [Gender equality] Programs for training spouses and couples
  • [Human Rights] Courses on understanding multiculturalism, education to improve human rights sensitivity
  • [Social Integration] Basic education for employment, connection with job training agency, training and activities with voluntary service groups, self-help group, improvement of multicultural awareness, and mentoring projects for married immigrants
  • [Consultation] Family, personal and group consulting; case management; psychological tests; and home economics instructor projects
  • [Promotion and resource Linkage] Community promotion and networking
Specialized Projects
  • Translation and interpretation services, language development support programs
On-site training services
  • Korean language and parent training, offspring life services
Operation of Base Center: Nam-gu Center
  • Development of new programs, professional training, network building, etc.
Status of Multicultural Family Support Center
Status of Multicultural Family Support Center : Name, Location, Service Area, Phone / Fax
Name Location Service Area Phone Homepage
Dong-gu 8-1, Beomgok-ro, Dong-gu Dong-gu, Jung-gu, Yeongdo-gu 051-465-7171 Homepage
Busanjin-gu 160, Baegyang-daero Busanjin-gu 051-817-4313 Homepage
Dongnae-gu 20-7, Sajikbuk-ro 63beon-gil Dongnae-gu 051-506-5766 Homepage
Nam-gu 356, Suyeong-ro, Nam-gu Nam-gu, Suyeong-gu, Yeonje-gu 051-610-2027 Homepage
Buk-gu 76, Hyoyeol-ro, Buk-gu Buk-gu 051-365-3408 Homepage
Haeundae-gu Jwa 1-dong Community Service Center, 91, Yangun-ro, Haeundae-gu Haeundae-gu 051-702-8002 Homepage
Saha-gu 2F-3F, 177, Sinsan-ro, Saha-gu Saha-gu, Gangseo-gu 051-205-8345 Homepage
Sasang-gu 51, Gayadae-ro 196beon-gil, Sasang-gu Danurim Center 4F Seo-gu, Sasang-gu 051-328-1001 Homepage
Gijang-gun 206, Chaseong-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun Gijang-gun 051-723-0419 Homepage