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COVID-19 Vaccination Information

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Busan’s COVID-19 Vaccination Information

  • Website: https://www.busan.go.kr/covid19/Prevention09.do Korean
Busan COVID-19 Vaccination Center
  • Location : Citizen Sarangchae in Busan Citizens Park, Busanjin-gu
  • Scheduled to open in the middle of March 2021
  • Phone : 051-605-6976
  • The city plans to operate a vaccination center in each gu/gun starting in July.

Busan’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan at a Glance

Medical Institutions & Vaccination Centers

Medical Institutions & Vaccination Centers : February~, March~, May~, July~
February~ March~ May~ July~
29,000 people 34,000 people 687,000 people 70 percent of Busan citizens
  • Residents and workers at convalescent hospitals, nursing homes/care facilities
  • Staff at COVID-19 - specialized hospitals and treatment centers
    (People aged under 65)
  • Healthcare workers at high-risk medical facilities - general hospitals
  • First-line rapid responders - Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officers, emergency responders
    (People aged under 65)
  • Users and workers at high-risk facilities for the disabled or homeless
  • People aged 65 and older
  • Workers at medical institutions and pharmacies (except the targets of the plan’s 1st quarter)
  • correctional facility (self-inoculation)
  • Adults with chronic illness
  • Essential workers - firefighters, police officers and more
  • Educators or child-care workers

Busan citizens

  • Adults(18-64 years old)
Regional vaccination center Busan Vaccination Center Busan Vaccination Center 16 vaccination centers (one in each gu/gun)
Pfizer, Moderna vaccines
Self-inoculation at medical institutions Self-inoculation at medical institutions About 1,000 partnered medical institutions
Astra Zeneca, Janssen vaccines

Visiting Vaccination

Visiting Vaccination : February~, May~
February~ May~
16,000 people 10,000 people
  • Residents and workers at elderly care facilities
  • Residents and workers at mental institutions and rehabilitation facilities
  • Residents and workers at home care facilities for the elderly and the severely disabled, etc.
Team from partnered medical institutions〮public health community centers
Team (1 team: 1 doctor, 1 nurse and 2 administrative staff)

COVID-19 Vaccination Information (by KDCA)

  • Website: http://ncv.kdca.go.kr/ Korean

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety – COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment Information

  • Website: https://www.mfds.go.kr/vaccine_covid19.jsp Korean
  • Website: https://www.mfds.go.kr/eng/brd/m_64/list.do English