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General taxi

General taxi photo

You may catch this type of taxi at a taxi stand or flag one down in the street. If the taxi is vacant, you will find a "Vacant" or "For Hire" sign in red color and the lamp of the taxi sign on top will be turned on.
The basic fare is 3,300 won per 2km and then additional charges are added depending on the distance and time covered. From midnight, a late hour premium will also be charged.

The fare system is based on both distance and time
Year Date Percentage increase Base fare (first 2Km) Distance fare Time fare(<15Km/h)
1991 1991. 2. 04 7.1 800 won 424m/100 won 102 sec./100 won
1992 1992. 6. 14 11.96 900 won 381m/100 won 92 sec./100 won
1994 1994. 2. 15 22.1 1,000 won 279m/100 won 67 sec./100 won
1995 1995. 10. 15 10 1,000 won 247m/100 won 60 sec./100 won
1998 1998. 3. 01 23.06 1,300 won 210m/100 won 51 sec./100 won
2001 2001. 7. 02 18.69 1,500 won 172m/100 won 42 sec./100 won
2005 2005. 8. 17 11.29 1,800 won 169m/100 won 41 sec./100 won
2008 2008. 10. 1 20.46 2,200 won 143m/100 won 34 sec./100 won
2013 2013. 10. 1 16.23 2,800 won 143m/100 won 34 sec./100 won
2017 2017. 9. 1 13.72 3,300 won 133m/100 won 34 sec./100 won

Deluxe(Mobeom) taxi

Deluxe(Mobeom) taxi photo

This type of taxi is black and has a yellow taxi sign on top. A free car phone service is provided and you may use your credit card for payment.
Deluxe taxis can be easily found at airports, hotels, and tourist attractions where many foreigners visit.
The basic fare is 5,000 won per 3km and additional charges will be imposed depending on the distance and time covered.

The fare system is based on both distance and time
Date Base fare Distance fare Time fare (<15Km/h)
1994 1994. 12. 10 2,000won (2Km) 250m/200won 60 sec./200won
2005 2005. 8. 17 4,200won (3Km) 199m/200won 48 sec./200won
2008 2008. 10. 1 4,500won (3Km) 160m/200won 38 sec./200won
2017 2017. 9. 1 5,000won (3Km) 141m/200won 34 sec./200won

Taxi Fare (Currency : won)

According to distance and riding time, general taxis charges 100 won and deluxe taxis 200 won more.

The fare system is based on both distance and time
General General·Call Deluxe/Jumbo
Fare 3,300 5,000
Night 20% premium None

Brand Taxi

Deungdae Call (☎ 600-1000)
Deungdae Call photo

You can recognize the Deungdae Call taxis by their orange "sign lamp" and "band". Those who wish to ride the taxi are asked to call the Call Center (☎ 600-1000) and a taxi will arrive in 3 to 5 minutes (this CDMA type service was first introduced by Deungdae Call).
The taxi fare is the same as that of any medium-sized taxi (General Taxi). An interpretation service (in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian) is available.

Interpretation Service Hours: 24 hours/day (including weekends)
Deungdae Call (☎ 051-600-1000), Tourism Association (1330 - Interpretation Service, no area code required)

Jumbo Taxi

The Jumbo taxi is black, with a yellow taxi sign on top. It is a large passenger vehicle and can accommodate as many as 5 to 10 passengers. When there are lots of passengers or baggage, this type of taxi will be more convenient for your group.

Taxi Stand

Taxi Stand photo
Taxi Stand photo