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Spectacular Light Show Takes Place Nightly at Gwangan Bridge

2014-01-27 10651  Views

Since a project to install thousands of LEDs was completed late last year, the Gwangan Bridge has held spectacular nightly LED shows. Shows will run for five minutes at 8 and 10 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday and at 8, 9 and 10 p.m. from Friday to Saturday.

Visitors are able to experience the beautiful views of Gwangan Bridge fully illuminated while enjoying listening to various styles of music such as Can-Can by Jacques Offenbach and ‘Pa Pa Pa’ by the Korean pop girl group Crayon Pop. Different lighting combinations will be shown displaying various colors and shapes which will all be set to music.

The light shows are named Wings, after the flapping wings of a seagull; Fireworks; Gwangan, which shows the faces of citizens in honor of Busan; Hands, which displays a variety of shadow puppets; and Eyes, which shows a set of shining eyes reflecting of the glassy surface of the water.

The special light shows are scheduled to be displayed during the New Year’s holidays, Children’s Day and during other special occasions.

Gwangan Bridge LED Light Show Schedule

Basic Light Shows
Spring (March - May), Summer (June - August), Fall (September - November), Winter (December - February)
※ Different lighting will be displayed in each season.
Weekdays (Sun - Thu): sunset - midnight, Weekends (Fri - Sat): sunset - 2 a.m.
July - August, holidays, the day before holidays: sunset - 2 a.m.

Musical Light Shows

Day of the Week/Time

8 p.m.

9 p.m.

10 p.m.


Wings, Pa Pa Pa


Hands, Gwangan


Eyes, Can-Can


Fireworks, Gwangan


Wings, Busan7080


Hands, Eyes


Eyes, Pa Pa Pa


Fireworks, Gwangan


Wings, Busan7080


Can-Can, Gwangan


Fireworks, Pa Pa Pa

Hands, Can-Can

Busan7080, Eyes


Busan7080, Wings

※The first light show for the day will be at 8:15 p.m. from June to July.
※Light shows will run three times per day from June to September, national holidays and the day before national holidays.

Special light shows will be displayed right after the musical light shows on the following days in 2014:
New Year’s Day: January 1 - 15
Lunar New Year’s Day: January 29 - February 2
Children’s Day: May 4 - 5
Buddha’s Birthday: May 6
Parents’ Day: May 7 - 8
Chuseok: September 5 - 10
Busan Citizen’s Day: October 4 - 5
Hangul Day: October 8 - 9
Christmas: December 19 - 25
Year-end: December 26 - 31