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Oryukdo Line Basic Plan Receives Approval from MOLIT

2020-11-12 219  Views


The city of Busan has announced that the Metropolitan Transport Commission of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) approved the basic plan for a section of the Tram Demonstration line (Oryukdo Line) on October 29, 2020. The approved section is a 1.9 kilometer wireless low-floor tram linking the Igidae entrance samgeori (intersection) with Kyungsung Univ.〮Pukyong Nat’l Univ. station on Metro Line 2.

The Oryukdo Line is a 5.15-kilometer route from Kyungsung Univ.〮Pukyong Nat’l Univ. station on Metro Line 2 to Oryukdo SK View Apartment in Yongho-dong.

The approved 1.9-kilometer section includes five stops and a tram depot.

The city of Busan is carrying out the Oryukdo Line project as part of a rail technology research project by MOLIT alongside the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI).

The demonstration project is scheduled to be completed in 2023 at a cost 48.7 billion won.

The city established the basic plan for the Oryukdo Line following by public hearings for residents and the Busan Metropolitan Council in December 2019. The city applied for the approval by MOLIT this past April. MOLIT approved the basic plan after a review by a specialized research institute and consultation with the relevant ministry according to the Urban Railroad Act Article 6 on October 29, 2020.

The Oryukdo Line will be the first tram in ROK, but also the first approved tram by MOLIT after the last tram in Korea was removed in 1968.

The city of Busan and KRRI expect that the demonstration project will set a standard for trams in Korea and serve as a foundation to promote trams to other local governments in the ROK.

The wireless low-floor tram system operates on tracks installed on roads and runs on battery power as an eco-friendly means of transportation without high voltage wires, noise or smoke. It is a means of mass transportation and provides convenient use for the mobility impaired.

Many local governments in the nation are considering introducing tram systems due to all the advantages they provide.

The city of Busan and KRRI plan to begin construction after receiving approval of the business plan by MOLIT later next year.

For more information, please contact the Metro Rail Division at (051)888-4076.