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COVID-19 Busan Updates

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Travel history of COVID-19 Patients in Busan

Case #101 ~ :

Case #1 ~ #100:

Busan Foundation for International Cooperation Offers Information on COVID-19

Languages: Tiếng Việt | Русский | Indonésia | 简体中文 | English

COVID-19 Screening Centers in Busan

Exemption from screening inspection fee and notification obligation - For foreigners

Coronavirus Disease-19, Republic of Korea

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


The travel history and history of contact with any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Busan, ROK is available at (Korean).

This may change according to further information.

For inquiries regarding COVID-19 Infections: Call 1339 (or 1345 for foreign language service) or your area code + 120 or community health centers

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Guidelines

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Russian, Nepali, Lao, Mongolian, Thai, Tagalog, Arabic and Uzbek

Self-quarantine guidelines

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Russian, Nepali, Lao, Mongolian, Thai, Tagalog, Arabic and Uzbek

Guidelines for Family Members and Cohabiters of a Self-quarantined Person

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Russian, Nepali, Lao, Mongolian, Thai, Tagalog, Arabic and Uzbek

Instructions for Persons Entering Sea Ports of the Republic of Korea

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Russian

Correct method for wearing a mask

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian

Mandatory Quarantine Instructions for All Incoming Travelers to Republic of Korea (May 11, 2020)

Guide on the Installation of 『Self-quarantine Safety Protection App』

Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese

Guide on transportation for overseas entrants through Incheon International Airport

Languages: English, 简体中文, Tiếng Việt, Indonésia, Русский, 日本語)

Notice on Suspension of Re-Entry Permit Exemption and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-Entry of Long-term Stayers (Ministry of Justice)

Announcement of Suspension of Visas and Visa-Waiver (Ministry of Justice)

Announcement on Self-Quarantine Requirements (Ministry of Justice)

Basic Guidelines for Distancing in Daily Life

Guidelines on Temporary Living/Testing Facilities for Inbound Travelers

Disinfection Guidelines To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 At Public and Multi-Purpose Facilities

Response Guidelines To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 At Public and Multi-Purpose Facilities

Do you have any question about infectious disease or other diseases?
	Don’t worry even if you do not speak in Korean
	For more information on disease, please call at 1339
	Can I ask you something?
	Q. Can foreigners use 1339 call center too?
	1339 call center is available on interpretation service, cooperation with
	1330(Korea Tourism Organization), 1345(Immigration Contact Center), etc.
	1330 service
	24 hours available : Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese
	08:00-19:00: Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Russian
	1345 service
	24 hours available: Korean, English, Chinese
	09:00-18:00 (Weekdays): 14 languages including Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese
COVID-19 Guideline
	The general public 
	Wash your hands thoroughly with soap running water
	Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when coughing or sneezing 
	Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
	Avoid coming in contact with people having fever or respiratory symptoms 
	Be careful especially people who pregnant women, over 65 years old, people with chronic disease
	Wear a facemask when visiting a health facility
	Avoid visiting a crowded place 
	Person with symptoms*
	* Person having fever or respiratory symptoms 
	Do not go to school or work and avoid outdoor activities 
	Take a rest at home and monitor the symptoms for 3-4 days
	Visit a triage health center, when fever (>38℃) continues or other symptoms get worse
	Consult with KCDC Call Center at 1339, a local code+120 or a local health center
	Use a personal vehicle and wear a facemask when visiting a health facility
	Inform your healthcare provider of a travel history and contact history with persons with 
	respiratory symptoms 
	COVID-19 Outbreak reported regions in Korea
	Avoid visiting other regions or having outdoor activities and (Person in Isolation) Please 
	follow guidance provided by physicians and public health authority 
	For more information on COVID-19, visit COVID-19 official homepage 
	Issue Date: 2020.2.25

COVID-19 Screening Centers in Busan  


Maryknoll Hospital ☎051-461-2348(Daytime), 051-461-2300(Nighttime)


Dong-a University Hospital  ☎051-240-2400

Pusan National University Hospital  ☎051-240-7000

Kosin Medical Center ☎051-990-6610

Busan Adventist Hospital ☎051-600-7750


Bongseng Hospital ☎051-664-4000

Good Moonhwa Hospital  ☎051-644-2002


Yeongdo Hospital ☎051-933-7114

Haedong Hospital ☎051-410-6682


Inje University Pusan Paik Hospital ☎051-890-8933

On Hospital ☎051-607-0129

Dong-Eui Medical Center ☎051-850-8777

Choonhae Hospital ☎051-638-8000


Daedong Hospital ☎051-554-1233


Busan St. Mary's Hospital ☎051-933-7114


Bumin Hospital ☎051-330-3129

Gupo Sungshim Hospital ☎051-330-3986


Inje University Haeundae Hospital ☎051-797-0100

Bumin Hospital Haeundae  ☎051-602-8196


Sewoong Hospital ☎051-500-9700


Kabul Noksan Hospital ☎051-974-8449


Busan Medical Center ☎051-607-2816(Daytime), 051-607-2815(Nighttime)


BHS Hanseo Hospital ☎051-756-0081

Good Gangan Hospital ☎051-625-0900


Good Samsun Hospital ☎051-322-0900

Busan Veterans Hospital ☎051-601-6000


Dongnam Inst. of Radiological & Medical Sciences ☎051-720-5114

Busan Gijang Hospital ☎051-723-0171

★ Specimen collection is available.

Community Health Centers in Busan

Community Health Centers in Busan
Gu/Gun Phone Number Gu/Gun Phone Number
Jung-gu ☎ (051)600 - 4741 Haeundae-gu ☎ (051)746 - 4000
Seo-gu ☎ (051)242 - 4000 Saha-gu ☎ (051)220 - 5701
Dong-gu ☎ (051)440 - 6500 Geumjeong-gu ☎ (051)519 - 5051
Yeongdo-gu ☎ (051)416 - 4000 Gangseo-gu ☎ (051)970 - 3415
Busanjin-gu ☎ (051)645 - 4000 Yeonje-gu ☎ (051)665 - 4781
Dongnae-gu ☎ (051)555 - 4000 Suyeong-gu ☎ (051)752 - 4000
Nam-gu ☎ (051)607 - 6460 Sasang-gu ☎ (051)310 - 4791
Buk-gu ☎ (051)309 - 4500 Gijang-gun ☎ (051)709 - 4796

Busan Station COVD-19 Screening Center (for Overseas Entrants)

Busan Eurasia Platform

- Period of Operation: April 6, 2020 ~

- Call Center: 051-519-7442

- Hours of Operation: 10:00 a.m. ~ 3:00 a.m.

For updates on COVID-19 in Republic of Korea visit:

Ministry of Justice, Korea Immigration Service