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Largest Musical Theatre in Korea to Open at BIFC

2019-04-12 662  Views

부산국제금융센터에 국내 최대 뮤지컬전용극장 개관 

Grand Open
국내최대뮤지컬 전용극장
드림씨어터 개관식
부산국제금융센터 2단계 3층 드림씨어터
주최&주관 드림씨어터
후원 부산광역시   


The opening ceremony of the musical theater ‘Dream Theatre’ took place on April 4, 2019.

The Dream Theatre, the largest musical theater in Korea, is located within a 49-story building constructed as part of the 2nd phase of the BIFC (Busan International Finance Center) development project. The theater occupies three floors, the third to the fifth, in the building, has a seating capacity of 1,727 and is equipped with all the latest theatrical equipment.

The 2nd phase of the BIFC development project broke ground in November 2018 to construct two buildings, 36-stories and 49-stories respectively, with 183,158 square meters of floor space located on a 12,276 square meter site.

As its developmental vision is the ‘convergence of finance and culture’, the new buildings will house state-of-the-art facilities and cultural art space, including the Dream Theatre, the Securities Museum of Korea Securities Depository Headquarters (KSD), financial institutions and a hotel.

The theatre will present its first performance, Disney’s hit musical, ‘The Lion King’ for the first time in Busan from April 11 to May 26, 2019. Renowned musicals, including the Phantom of the Opera and School of Rock are scheduled to be showcased at later dates.

The city expects the Dream Theatre to revitalize BIFC and support the competitiveness of the global finance city of Busan.

Dream Theatre

○ Website: http://www.dreamtheater.co.kr

○ Phone: 1833-3755

○ How to get there:

Metro Line 2 Busan Int’l Finance Center∙Busan Bank Station, Exit 3 then 3 minutes walk or Metro Line 1 Beomnaegol Station, Exit 4 then about 9 minutes walk.