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“I promise to build a new future for Busan alongside the world”

Dear Busan Metropolitan City website visitor,
Hello, I am Lee Byung-jin, Acting Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City.

The difficult times due to the COVID-19 outbreak continues worldwide.
Although we are in a desperate situation and face the temporary loss of our daily lives and our economic livelihoods, like all times in the city's past, Busan will rise to overcome any crisis together.

The city has many pending projects to look forward to, including the New Gadeok Airport, 2030 World Expo Busan and North Port Redevelopment. The coming 100 years will be shaped by what we do now.

The new Busan will be the new heart of the Republic of Korea, just as Busan’s leading industries helped create today’s nation.
In a new era that brings peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, Busan is striving to become a hub in the world that connects the Pacific Rim and the Eurasian continent (Europe and Asia).

I hope to build Busan into a marine capital that will lead the Northeast Asian era with all of you together.
No one will be left behind and everyone will be able to rise together in Busan.

Busan, the marine capital of the Northeast Asian era, values the hopes and happiness found in daily life. We promise to extend our friendship to everyone.

Busan citizens, let’s rise to the challenge and stand strong during these pressing times.
Although I feel the heavy weight of the responsibilities I have taken on during this difficult time, I promise to continue working towards restarting economic activity and stabilize our public welfare systems.
I would like to simply ask for the generous support and participation of the citizens of Busan.

Thank you very much.

Acting Mayor and Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs of Busan Metropolitan City,
Lee Byung-jin