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“I promise to work towards the happiness of our citizens and the continuous development of Busan.”

Dear Busan Metropolitan City website visitor,
Hello, I am Byeon Sung-wan, Acting Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City.

Although I feel the heavy weight of the responsibilities I have taken on during this difficult time, I promise to continue working towards the city’s pending projects, which are being carried out to ensure the happiness of Busan’s citizens and the overall development of Busan. I would like to simply ask for the generous support and participation of the citizens of Busan.

All city officials, public corporations and the city’s affiliated agencies will continue to be faithful in performing their duties. There are no fundamental changes to our city’s administration, except me working as the acting mayor of the city. Rest assured, we are well-prepared for such a situation to guide Busan effectively towards a better tomorrow.

In a new era that is bringing peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, Busan is striving to become a hub in the world that connects the Pacific Rim and the Eurasian continent (Europe and Asia).
Busan, the marine capital in the Northeast Asian era, values the hopes and happiness found in daily life. We promise to extend our friendship to everyone.

Thank you very much.

Acting Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City
Byeon Sung-wan