• 1. Developing a Hub Port for Northeast Asia
  • 2. Building an International Industrial Logistics Complex
  • 3. Redeveloping the North Port
  • 4. Constructing a Cinema Town
  • 5. Establishing a Financial Center
  • 6. Building the East Busan Tourist and Convention Cluster
  • 7. Establishing Busan Citizens' Park
  • 8. Expanding Metropolitan Transportation Networks across the Southeastern Region
  • 9. Gimhae Int'l Airport moving to Gadeok Island
  • 10. Hosting the Summer Olympic Games

10. Hosting the Summer Olympic Games

The hosting of the Summer Olympic Games will mark a turning point in Busan's efforts to become one of the best cities in the world as well as upgrade the city's international status.

The Summer Olympic Games, the world's largest sporting festival garnering attention from all over the world, is the aspiration of many major cities all competing for the chance to host the games.

With its successful hosting of a number of different events including the 2002 Asian Games, the 17th FIFA World Cup, and the 6th IOC World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture, Busan has gained an abundance of experience in putting on world class events. Along with its stadium facilities, Busan is now fully capable and qualified to bid for the Olympic Games.

With the backing of its citizens, the City of Busan will spare no effort to obtain the early approval of the government and to establish a strong base of international support through international sports exchanges and other activities.