• 1. Developing a Hub Port for Northeast Asia
  • 2. Building an International Industrial Logistics Complex
  • 3. Redeveloping the North Port
  • 4. Constructing a Cinema Town
  • 5. Establishing a Financial Center
  • 6. Building the East Busan Tourist and Convention Cluster
  • 7. Establishing Busan Citizens' Park
  • 8. Expanding Metropolitan Transportation Networks across the Southeastern Region
  • 9. Gimhae Int'l Airport moving to Gadeok Island
  • 10. Hosting the Summer Olympic Games

5. Establishing a Financial Center

Establishing Busan as a financial hub is a project of great symbolism, as it reflects Busan's aspirations to become a regional hub for the international finance markets.

Busan International Finance Center will accommodate the major financial institutions in Busan, the public financial agencies which will move to Busan, and other facilities such as hotels and shopping centers.

Designated as the Center for Finance by the central government in January 2009, Busan is expected to reinforce the international finance and business capabilities and functions of Busan, which is emerging as a marine capital of Northeast Asia, by establishing a financial cluster with customized niche financial functions for port logistics, shipping and fishery industries as well as a function as a financial hub.

Building the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC)

Establishing a Derivative Products Research and Development Center, attracting the Carbon Emissions Exchange and the Commodity Exchange

Establishing Korea Ship Finance Corporation, attracting ship financial department of major financial institutions