• 1. Developing a Hub Port for Northeast Asia
  • 2. Building an International Industrial Logistics Complex
  • 3. Redeveloping the North Port
  • 4. Constructing a Cinema Town
  • 5. Establishing a Financial Center
  • 6. Building the East Busan Tourist and Convention Cluster
  • 7. Establishing Busan Citizens' Park
  • 8. Expanding Metropolitan Transportation Networks across the Southeastern Region
  • 9. Gimhae Int'l Airport moving to Gadeok Island
  • 10. Hosting the Summer Olympic Games

7. Establishing Busan Citizens' Park

Located in the heart of the city and thusobstructing city growth, the former U.S. Army Camp site will be transformed into a citizen's park harmonizing people and nature.

The pride and the quality of life of Busan's citizens will be improved with the construction of this world-class park symbolizing the growth and hope of Busan, Busan City will be actively engaged in constructing the Busan Citizens Park, with five wave-like themed pathways and extensive lawns representing the dynamism of Busan, a river flowing right through the park and facilities for various performances and family outings.

Building the Citizens Park: Former site of US Army Camp Hialeah

  • 530,000㎡ (Yangjeong, Yeonji and Beomjeon-dong, Busanjin-gu)
  • Major Project: establishing five forest paths (memory, culture, pleasure, nature, participation)