February 2010 (Issue No. 65)
E-Newsletter from Busan City
01.Busan City developing its Medical Tourism Infrastructure, 02.Enjoy “Free Wireless Internet” at all tourist attractions of Busan!
What's New
2010 Busan International Performing Arts Festival: The 10 Minute Open Plays
The 10 Minute Open Plays has been an integral part of the 2010 Busan International Performing Arts Festival since 2006.
2010 Global Gathering: Booth and Performance Registration
The 2010 Global Gathering, hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Foundation for International Activities (BFIA), will be held on May 15, 2010 at Centum City, Haeundae.
Enjoy “Free Wireless Internet” at all tourist attractions of Busan!
Busan City provides free Wi-Fi wireless internet access at 24 locations, including major tourist attractions and cultural facilities in Busan.
A new fountain to start to shoot water up at Busan Station square from April
A new fountain at Busan Station Plaza, completed by the end of January, will be turned on in April after completing trials.
Busan City aids Haiti to the tune of $100,000.
Busan City has decided to provide $100,000 in financial assistance to earthquake-hit Haiti, separate from any central government aid.…
Herb Garden to open in the Sculpture Park at Nam-gu
Nam-gu District will start to build a herb garden on a 1,200㎡ area of the Sculpture Park, in Daeyeon-dong, at the end of January and plans to complete the garden by...
Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to be held in Busan, June 3-5, 2010
Prior to the G20 Summit in Seoul this November, the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors will meet to prepare for the Leaders’ Seoul Summit in Busan, in June. …
National Maritime Museum to break ground on January 29
The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the National Maritime Museum on January 29 at the International Cruise Terminal, ....
Eulsukdo Bridge toll charges to start from February 1
Eulsukdo Bridge toll charges will start from February 1. During rush hour (7 a.m. to 9 a.m and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.) on weekdays, Busan City has decided to offer ‘Hi-Pass'-equipped vehicles.....
Busan City developing its Medical Tourism Infrastructure
Busan City launched a medical tourism website at http://www.bsmeditour.go.kr in January 2010…
“Welcome to Busan” Foreigner Settlement and Adaptation Program
The Busan Foundation for International Activities, or BFIA, is preparing to launch their 2010 “Welcome to Busan” foreigner settlement and adaptation program, which will provide ..…
2010 BFIA Korean Language Classes
We, Busan Foundation for International Activities, open Korean Language classes for foreigners staying in Busan area. We welcome every foreigner who is interested in Korean language …

Upcoming Events
Exhibition Information
The Year of the Tiger Exhibition:
The Year of the Tiger Exhibition will be held from January 19th until March 1st at Busan Museum. The exhibition aims to show the symbolic meaning of the tiger as represented in Korean culture - including ethnic religion, tales, art and daily life - and to promote our traditional custom and folklore related to the twelve so-called ‘Earthly Branches’ through visual materials
Deceased Artists Exhibition: Kim Gyeong, Kim Cheon-ok
○ Period: December 5, 2009 ~ February 21, 2010
○ Venue: Busan Museum of Art  3rd Floor Photo Exhibition of Busan's Modern Architecture
○ Period: January 2 ~ February 27, 2010
○ Venue: Dong-A University Museum
Photo Exhibition: Jisan-dong Ancient Tombs and Great Gaya
○ Period: January 26 ~ March 21, 2010 
○ Venue: Bokcheon Museum Drawing Exhibition: Floating Petals
○ Period: January 26 ~ February 16, 2010
○ Venue: Shinsegae Centum Gallery, 6F
Art Exhibition : Mind Drawing
○ Period: February 4 ~ 21, 2010
○ Venue: Gana Art Busan Noh Sun-tag's Photography Exhibition
○ Period: January 16 ~ March 28, 2010
○ Venue: GoEun Museum of Photography
Korea National Ballet 'Cinderella' 
○ Date & Time: February 19 7:30 p.m. / February 20 5:00 p.m.
○ Venue: Busan Cultural Center Dong-hyek Lim Piano Recital  
○ Date & Time: February 25, 2010  7:30 p.m.
○ Venue: Busan Cultural Center
Berlin Kammerphilharmonie Orchestra
○ Date: February 28, 2010
○ Venue: Busan Cultural Center Busan Philharmonic Orchestra : 2010 Spring Concert
○ Date: March 5, 2010
○ Venue: Busan Cultural Center
Richard Yongjae O' Neill <NORE-Sons without words>
○ Date&Time: March 9, 2010 7:30 p.m.
○ Venue: Busan Cultural Center
Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival
On the day of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month of the year, the Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival is held in order to pray for good health and good fortune in the coming year. This year, the festival falls on Sunday, February 28, and a variety of events such as Daljip burning (the burning of large straw bonfires under the light of the moon), Jisin-balgi(stomping on the ground to comfort the god of the earth) and folk plays are being planned for a number of locations around Busan.
[ The list of Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival venues in Busan ]
 Suyeong Traditional Daljipnori,
* 3 p.m. ~ 6:30 p.m. at Gwangalli Beach
 Dalmaji Hot Spring Festival at Haeundae Beach
 Jeongwol Daeboreum Haeundae Brown Seaweed Festival
- 10 a.m. ~ 6:30 p.m. Songjeong Beach and Jukdo Park
 Daeboreum Festival at Songdo Beach in Seo-gu
 Cycle Stadium, Samrak Park in Sasang-gu, 2 p.m. ~ 7 p.m.
 Dadaepo Beach in Saha-gu
 The place next to the Deokcheon Water Drainage Facility in Buk-gu, 5 p.m. ~
 Igidae Park in Nam-gu, 3 p.m. ~ 6:30 p.m.
 Spo1 Park (Geumjeong Sports Park) in Geumjeong-gu, 4 p.m. ~ 7:30 p.m.
Billy Wilder Retrospective Billy Wilder Retrospective
 Period: February 5 - 28, 2010 (Closed on Mondays)
 Venue: Cinematheque Pusan
International Kite Flying Contest International Kite Flying Contest
 Period: March 27 ~ 28, 2010
 Venue: Dadaepo Beach
The Ballerina Who Fell in Love With a B-boy The Ballerina Who Fell in Love With a B-boy
 Date: December 18, 2009 ~ Open Run
 Venue : BBTHEATER (The former Eunha Theater in Seomyeon)
JUMP 2009 : Comic Martial Arts Performance JUMP: Comic Martial Arts Performance
 Period: September 10, 2009 ~ Open Run
 Venue: JUMP theater, Lotte Hotel
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