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  • Japanese Flag of Student Soldier

    Japanese Flag of Student Soldier썸네일
    The Japanese flag was made to attach onto the chest in order to fight bravely for the Japanese emperor. On the flag there were many cheerful phrases such as, Muunjanggu, Jinchungboguk etc. written by people around. 
  • Seonman Time Table

    Seonman Time Table썸네일
    You can confirm the departing trains from Tokyo, Osaka & Kobe which reaches to Beijing through Shimonoseki, Busan & Manchu. The train system was not only the convenient transportation but also the efficient for Japanese to exploit Joseon, China and Manchu. 
  • Rice Sack 42×65 Japanese Occupation Period

    Rice Sack 42×65 Japanese Occupation Period썸네일
    There were many rice mills in Busan since Busan was a port for rice export. Among these Gatto Rice Mill and JoseonJungmi Co., Ltd. were the big rice mills among them which had a nationwide branch. In order to raise the export quality there were Joseon government general’s seal stamped on the sack. On the Gatto rice mill sack they printed “Sunmusa Diyabaekmi” and advertised the highest quality rice which does not contain sand at all. 
  • Hemp Thread, Cotton Thread in Japanese Occupation Period

    Hemp Thread, Cotton Thread in Japanese Occupation Period썸네일
    These threads are the products which were produced in modern cotton factory. It was produced in mass quantity by machine and had a low price. Therefore it drove out the threads which were produced in house by Joseon farmer. As a result the cottage industry of Joseon farmers crumbled gradually. 
  • Poster(How to make nutritious meal for people)

    Poster(How to make nutritious meal for people)썸네일
    This poster was made by Gyeongnam branch of Japanese woman’s association. This was to exploit the material in latter parts of the war to obtain the necessary materials. In order to supplement the food shortage by rice exploitation they are promoting to eat mixed food in the name of “People’s nutritious meal”. 
  • Busan-bu Street Map

    Busan-bu Street Map썸네일
    This map was made in 1936. The reclaimed land of of Bukhang area on the front, the reclaimed land of Busan-jin and Nam-gu on the back were shown correctly. The reclaimed land in Bukhang was for the port facility and that of Busan-jin was to build industrial park and streets. On the map there were Cheongsu Rice mills and Daeseon brewery which were equipped with modern facilities.