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Modern Streets in Busan

Modern Streets in Busan

During the Japanese occupation period Daecheong-dong was a center of Busan and Japanese settlement, and there were many financial institutes and commercial places such as, Joseon Bank, Busan Branch of Dongyang -Cheoksik Co., Ltd., hospitals, breweries, furniture stores, Japanese bakeries, cleaners, grain stores, rice mill & publishing company. Most of the stores were owned and operated by the Japanese and there were many modern facilities for Japanese only.

Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition

Our museum holds a special exhibition once every year. Since 1997, the following exhibitions have been held in respect of the remains collected from all over the country; “Letters in Ancient Times that were inscribed on the remains”, “Zoo in the Three Kingdoms Period”, “Exhibition of photos related to excavation of important remains”, “Formation of ancient countries in Korea”, “Personal ornaments in ancient times”, “Pre-history and Gaya found out by archaeology”, “Ancient warriors and weapons”, “Story of Money! Money! Money!”, “Meeting – Exhibition concerning cultural exchanges in ancient Asia”, “Finding of Technology”, “Geumgwan Gaya and Silla”, “Cooking in Pre-history and Ancient Times”, “Prayer for Abundance and Peace – Memorial service in Pre-history and Ancient Times”, “Another implement – Golgakgi(an implement made of a animal bone)”, “History of Busan looked into through Archeology”, “Tokyo, the mirror of God”, “履, God of ancient people”.