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Data Excavation

Since its’ opening till to this day, Busan modern history hall is continuously performing the data excavation & collection using a pool of local community citizens. Especially the city is encouraging ordinary citizens who have a lot of interest in cultural assets to donate the relics to the museum. The city investigates and researches the collected data, and creates a journal in order for the researcher and ordinary people to understand about the modern history.

Planned Exhibition

Every year with a special theme, Busan modern history hall tries to deliver the characteristics of modern city “Busan” mainly through image data. Besides, by holding a modern picture exhibition and interchange exhibition in turn they are handling the various themes which are main issues of modern history focusing on daily life. Also by opening the most recent data related to the local history they are promoting the researches of local history.

Education in Museum

Busan modern history hall is holding “a family friendly experience program” which the children and parents both enjoy and learn together. We are continuously planning to develop learning programs which children can learn and experience about modern history. It will connect easily with school education in order for our children to have a continuous interest in our community and culture in the future.