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Current Situation
Purpose of establishment
Major function

Systematic treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals
Prompt treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife suffering from disease, medicinal poisoning and external injuries
Treatment of injured wildlife followed by rehabilitative training to prepare animals for a return to nature

Establishment of networks for the treatment of wild animals
Establishment of network between Treatment Centers 1 and 2, and Wildlife Medical Ceners in other cities and provinces
Establishment of a prompt support system through emergency rescues by related institutions
Support for education of wildlife experts at the borough/country level through exchange of educational content on wildlife

Investigation and research into disease and the collection of genetic resources and preservation resources of wildlife
Promotion of preventive meacures by investigation into common diseases and epidemiological survey of wildlife
Support for the collection of genetic resources and the preservation of wildlife through the exchange of information on national genetic resources

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Treatment room
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Patients room
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Safe havens
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