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Medical Tourism in Busan

Busan, full of rich tourism resources, has four distinct seasons with mild weather throughout the year. The city offers well-organized transportation infrastructure such as ports, railways and highways, along with direct air routes to and from most major countries in the world, including Japan, China, Thailand and Russia, making it an easily accessible gateway in northeast Asia.

Busan also boasts a rich tourism infrastructure. The city is equipped with outstanding international convention facilities and has hosted a great number of international events and conferences including APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) leaders' meeting, international film festivals and fireworks festivals. With this infrastructure in place, Busan city has been making efforts to be the medical hub in Asia, offering top quality medical services.

Busan has solid medical infrastructure with some 4,300 medical institutions running in the city: 5 university hospitals, 23 general hospitals, 215 hospitals, 8 hospitals of oriental medicine, 1,034 dental clinics, 2,078 clinics and 949 oriental medicine clinics. Each year, five medical universities and other vocational training centers in Busan produce about 220 medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, and oriental medicine doctors, and 360 medical assistants. In an effort to promote medical tourism, Busan city formed the "Busan Medical Industry Committee" which consists of members from university hospitals, the Busan Hospital Association, Pharmaceutical Association, Busan Tourism Association and some civic groups. The committee is working with the aim of facilitating the development of medical tourism projects, encouraging education to produce practitioners or professionals specializing in medical tourism, creating appealing medical tour packages, holding seminars for interested foreigners, and designating medical tourist zones and medical theme streets in Busan.