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Busan City Hall Floor Directory

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26F Public Safety Innovation Office Special Judicial Police Division
Urban Planning Office Construction Administration Division
National Assembly Relations Division, Busan-Fukuoka Economic Cooperation Office, Conference Hall, Health Club, Hobby Club
25F Future Industry Bureau Director General, Advanced Materials Division, Manufacturing Innovation Support Division, Service & Finance Division, Smart City Promotion Division, Clean Energy Industry Division, Advanced Medical Industry Division
Financial Policy Advisor, Financial Center Cooperation Advisor
Environment Policy Office Green City Division
24F Balanced Urban Regeneration Bureau Director-General, Urban Regeneration Policy Division, Urban Renewal Division, Architecture Policy Division
Environment Policy Office Park Operation Division
Busan Metropolitan City Civil Service Labor Union, The Office of the Five Provinces of North Korea
23F Audit & Inspection Bureau Director General, Inspection Division, Audit & Inspection Transparency Division
Urban Planning Office Road Planning Division
Balanced Urban Regeneration Bureau Local Balanced Development Division, Housing Policy Division
22F Environment Policy Office Director General, Environment Policy Division, Climate & Air Quality Division, Resource Recirculation Division, Senior Advisor to Environmental Coorperation
Water Policy Bureau Director General,Clean Water Policy Division, River Management Division, Water Quality Improvement Division
21F Logistics Policy Division Director-General, Tri-Port Division, Port & Logistics Division, Railway & Logistics Division
Growth Strategy Headquarters Director-General, Innovative Growth Division, City Diplomacy Policy Division, Youth Support Policy Division, 2030 Expo Bid Promotion Division, City Government-Industry-Academia Cooperation Division
20F Urban Planning Office Assistant Mayor, Urban Planning Division, Urban Planning Advisory Division, Facilities Planning Division, Engineering Inspection Division, Land Information Division
Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau Tourism MICE Division
19F Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau Director General, Culture & Arts Division, Cultural Heritage Division, Film & Contents Industry Division
Women & Family Affairs Bureau Director General, Women & Family Affairs Division, Childbirth & Childcare Division, Child & Youth Policy Division
18F Maritime Affairs, Agriculture & Fisheries Bureau Director General, Marine Capital Policy Division, Marine Leisure & Tourism Division, Fisheries Policy Division, Fisheries Distribution & Processing Division, Agriculture & Livestock Distribution Division
Senior Political Planning Advisor, Legislation Advisor, Business Ombudsman, Consumer Affairs Center, Hobby Club
17F Employment & Economy Office Director General, Employment & Start-up Division, SME Support Division, Social Economic Division, Investment & Trade Division, Industrial Location Division
Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau Sports Promotion Division
16F Transportation Innovation Headquarters Director General, Public Transportation Policy Division, Bus Operation Division, Taxi Transportation Division, Metro Support Division
New Airport Promotion Headquarters Director General, Airport Planning Division, New Airport City Division
Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau Tourism Development Division
15F Public Safety Innovation Office Director General, Safety Innovation Division, Disaster Response Division, Disaster Site Management Division, Nuclear Safety Division, Disaster Control Division
Public Photograph Room
14F Welfare & Health Bureau Director General, Welfare Policy Division, Welfare for the Disabled Division, Senior Citizen Welfare Division, Health Policy Division, Health & Hygiene Division
Medical Room
12F Convention Hall, Conference Hall (1, 2)
11F Fiscal Service Bureau Director General, Fiscal Innovation Division, Budget Division, Tax Administration Division, Accounting & Property Management Division
Ambassador for International Relations, City History Compilation Committee
10F Administrative Management Bureau Director General, General Affairs Division, Decentralization Policy Division, Human Rights & Labor Policy, Education Support Division
Planning Bureau Personnel Affairs Division
9F Citizen Happiness & Communications Headquarters Director General, Communications Planning Division, Interactive Adminstration Division, New Media Division, Press Room
Planning Bureau Legal Affairs Division
8F Special Policy Advisor, External Relations Advisor, Advisor on Social Planning
Planning Bureau Director General, Planning Division, Innovation & Evaluation Division
Citizen Happiness & Communications Headquarters Social Integration Division
7F Mayor of Busan, Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs, Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs, Assistant Mayor For Planning Management
6F Planning Bureau Information Systems Division, Statistics & Big Data Division, Statistical Analysis
Future Industry Bureau Busan Information Super High-Way Center
Administrative Management Bureau General Affairs Division(Communications Management, General Communication Center)
5F Computer Training Room
4F Video Editing Room, Roof Garden
3F Reference Library, Public Meeting Room, Local Autonomous Entity Labor Union, Dining Hall, Kookmin Bank
2F Administrative Support Bureau Integrated Civil Affairs Division《Integrated Civil Affairs Division (Civil Affairs and Passport ․ One-Stop Service) ․ 120 Baro Call Center》
Exhibition Hall, Busan Bank
1F Mutual Aid Association for Municipal Officials, Grand Auditorium, Grand Conference Hall, International Friendships Exhibition Hall
Busan Dream Space, City Hall Store, Travel Agency·Insurance, Post Office
B1 Busan Metropolitan City Archives, WOORI P&S․WON BONG CO.,LTD., Barber Shop, Parking Lot
B2, B3 Parking Lot