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City Organization New Airport Support Headquarters West Busan Development Bureau Public Communications Office Mayor Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs Administrative Innovation Headquarters Office of Spokesperson Women and Family Affairs Bureau Audit and Inspection Office Planning and Management Office Planning and Administration Bureau Urban Planning Office Public Safety Office New Airport Support Headquarters Women and Family Affairs Bureau  Health and Sports Bureau Creative City Bureau Climate and Environment Bureau Jobs & Economy Headquarters New Growth Engine Industry Bureau Industry & Trade Bureau Marine and Fisheries Bureau Transportation Bureau Creative City Bureau Busan Metropolitan Fire & Safety Headquarters
City Organization

Mayor: Suh Byung-soo

Tel +82-51-888-1001 | Fax +82-51-888-1008

Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs: Park Jae-min

Tel +82-51-888-1010 | Fax +82-51-888-1018

Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs: Kim Ki-young

Tel+82-51-888-1020 | Fax +82-51-888-1028

Ambassador for International Relations: Woo Kyoung-ha

Tel +82-51-888-1060 | Fax +82-51-888-1069

Assistant Mayor for Planning and Management: Lee Byung-jin

Tel +82-51-888-1800

1. Administrative Innovation Headquarters

Director-General: Kim Hee-young, Tel +82-51-888-1100

Divisions: ​Vision Promotion | Strategy Evaluation | Regulatory Reform Implementation | On-Site Support
Tel +82-51-888-1101, 1171, 1211, 1241 | Fax +82-51-888-1109, 1179, 1219, 1249

Administrative Innovation Headquarters aims to improve the quality of citizens’ lives through innovation. We strive to work together with citizens to realize the city’s vision and recreate the city of Busan to ensure growth and future development.

2. Office of Spokesperson

Director-General: Park Jin-ok, Tel +82-51-888-1300

Media and Public Relations Division
Tel +82-51-888-1321,1351 | Fax +82-51-888-1339

The Office of the Spokesperson establishes and coordinates comprehensive plans for promoting the city administration to the public through various forms of media and public relations. It also provides press releases and holds press conferences.

3. Public Communications Office

Director-General: Kim Boem-jin, Tel +82-51-888-1400

Communications Planning Division | External Relations Division | Integrated Civil Affairs Division
Tel +82-51-888-1361, 1421, 1451 | Fax +82-51-888-1369, 1429, 1459

Our Public Communications Office is working toward promoting the city administration through various forms of media and public relations, establishing and implementing communications policies, building relationships in the private and public sectors, and providing the best possible public service to Busan citizens.

4. Audit and Inspection Office

Director-General: Lee Byong-suk, Tel +82-51-888-1700
Tel +82-51-888-1671 | Fax +82-51-888-1679

With Busan’s identity as an international city in mind, the Audit and Inspection Office pursues global standardization for integrity and clarity. This office encourages the direct participation of the public in the course of inspections and audits in order to better reflect public opinion. Furthermore, to improve the execution of public affairs, we support participation from external auditing specialists and auditing requests from civilians. The office utilizes the ombudsman system for a more transparent and trustworthy administration and our pledge is to provide a totally transparent service to the civilians of Busan.

5. Planning and Management Office

Assistant Mayor for Planning and Management: Kim Ki-young, Tel +82-51-888-1800

Divisions: Budget | Tax Administration | Accounting and Property Management | Legal Affairs | Information Systems
Tel +82-51-888-2051, 2121, 2231, 2291, 2351 | Fax +82-51-888-2059, 2129, 2249, 2309, 2359

The Planning and Management Office evaluates and operates revenue and expenditure budgets. It is also in charge of managing local taxes, untaxed incomes, taxes in arrears, funding, loans and the designation of city/bank partnerships, and is managing the revision of self governing legislation, administrative lawsuits, and the establishment of a smart city full of cutting-edge technology.

6. Planning and Administration Bureau

Director-General: Kim Hong-tae, Tel +82-51-888-1900

Divisions: Planning | Municipal Administration | General Affairs | Personnel Affairs | Education Support
Tel +82-51-888-1741, 1801, 1851, 1951, 2001 | Fax +82-51-888-1789, 1819, 1859, 1959, 2009

This bureau plans the basic policy direction of the city administration, coordinates main policies as well as inspects and analyzes main policies and businesses. This bureau is in charge of personnel management, and the education of civil servants to provide the best possible public service to Busan citizens. Our bureau is striving to improve the city administration by heightening the sense of unity between the city government and the gu/gun districts in this era of local autonomy.

7. Public Safety Office

Director-General: Bae Kwang-hyo, Tel +82-51-888-2900

Divisions: Disaster Prevention | Disaster Response | Nuclear Safety | Disaster Management | Special Judicial Police
Tel +82-51-888-2891, 2951, 3011, 3071, 3081 | Fax +82-51-888-2899, 2959, 3019, 3059, 3089

This bureau aims to create a safe city, where citizens are happy.

8. Urban Planning Office

Director-General: Choi Dae-kyung, Tel +82-51-888-2400

Divisions: Urban Planning | Urban Planning Advisory | Engineering Inspection | Facilities Planning | Land Information | Construction Administration
Tel +82-51-888-2431, 2511, 2561, 2611, 2681 | Fax +82-51-888-2449, 2519, 2569, 2619, 2689

This bureau focuses on urban planning, sustainable development and the Nakdonggang River era to realize the vision of a vibrant global city of Busan.

9. West Busan Development Headquarters

Director-General: Kim Jong-gyeong, Tel +82-51-888-2700

Divisions: West Busan Development Planning | Sasang Smart City Promotion | Eco Delta City Development | Road Planning
Tel +82-51-888-2801, 2761, 2841, 2711 | Fax +82-51-888-2809, 2769, 2849, 2729

The West Busan Development Bureau is in charge of completing the Sasang Smart City and Eco Delta City projects, constructing a new international airport, creating an international logistics and industrial complex and improving the living environment surrounding the Nakdonggang River.

10. New Airport Support Headquarters

Director-General: Lim Kyoung-mo, Tel. +82-51-888-4100

Divisions: Airport Planning | New Airport City
Tel +82-51-888-4571, 4101 | Fax +82-51-888-4579, 4109

The New Airport Support Headquarters aims to build a safe new airport running 24 hours as a second gateway in the Republic of Korea. The new airport will be the core facility in charge of the balanced development of the city towards the Nakdonggang River area and foster the establishment of the West Busan Global City.

11. Social Welfare Bureau

Director-General: Shin Chang-ho, Tel +82-51-888-3200

Divisions: Social Welfare | Welfare for the Disabled | Senior Citizens Welfare
Tel +82-51-888-3141, 3211, 3261 | Fax +82-51-888-3149, 3219, 3269

Our bureau aims to realize a society where all citizens are happy and satisfied. We support various policies that enhance outreach welfare services in efforts to reduce welfare blind spots as well as provide a vibrant life for the aged. We also strive to make people’s lives more comfortable by establishing social welfare networks to guarantee better standards of living, and promote a more equitable and harmonious society.

12. Women and Family Affairs Bureau

Director-General: Baek Soon-hee, Tel +82-51-888-1500

Divisions: Women and Family Affairs | Child Welfare Policy | Child & Youth Policy 
Tel +82-51-888-1511, 1561, 1611| Fax +82-51-888-1519, 1569, 1629

The Women and Family Affairs Office is in charge of the promotion of gender equality and harmony as well as the expansion of women’s social participation and enhancement. This bureau also supports the welfare of children, juveniles and families.

13. Health and Sports Bureau

Director-General: Kim Kwang-hee, Tel +82-51-888-3300

Divisions: Health Promotion | Health and Hygiene | Sports Promotion | Medical Industry
Tel +82-51-888-3311, 3401, 3431, 3481 | Fax +82-51-888-3319, 3379, 3439, 3489

The Health and Sports Bureau is in charge of health promotion, the management of food and drug safety, the planning of sports for all citizens and medical tourism services to meet the demands of globalization and create a vibrant city of Busan.

14. Culture and Tourism Bureau

Director-General: Kim Yun-il, Tel +82-51-888-5100

Divisions: Culture and Arts | International Relations | Film and Contents Industry | Tourism Promotion | Tourism Industry
Tel +82-51-888-5031, 5081, 5131, 5181, 5211, 6701 | Fax +82-51-888-5049, 5089, 5139, 5199, 5219, 6709

Our bureau aims to make Busan an attractive cultural and tourism destination both for domestic and overseas visitors.

15. Climate and Environment Bureau

Director-General: Lee Geun-hee, Tel +82-51-888-3600

Divisions: Climate and Air Quality | Environmental Conservation | River restoration | Resource Recirculation | Sewage | Park Operation | Forestry and Green Space
Tel +82-51-888-3561, 3611, 3591, 3681, 3731, 3791, 3841 | Fax +82-51-888-3578, 3629, 3689, 3739, 3799, 3849

Our bureau is implementing various projects to create a safe, pleasant, environmentally friendly city by responding to climate change and improving air quality.

16. Transportation Bureau

Director-General: Han Gi-sung, Tel +82-51-888-3900

Divisions: Transportation Operation | Public Transportation | Transportation Management | Railway Facilities Management
Tel +82-51-888-3901, 3961, 4011, 4071 | Fax +82-51-888-3909, 3969, 4029, 4089

Our bureau is working toward establishing a digitized transportation system for the city of Busan. In light of the growing demand for better transportation, we are trying to provide more convenient and pleasant means of public transportation for the people of Busan. Our bureau also aims to make the transportation environment more human-centered by providing more green spaces and by more effectively integrating rail, sea and air transportation networks.

17. Creative City Bureau

Director-General: Gim Hyeong-chan, Tel +82-51-888-4200

Divisions: Urban Regeneration | Urban Renewal | Architecture and Housing | Cityscape Management
Tel +82-51-888-4151, 4221, 4281, 4331 | Fax +82-51-888-4159, 4229, 4289, 4349

The Creative City Bureau is in charge of establishing a creative city to advance Busan citizens’ quality of life. We work towards urban regeneration, city maintenance for depressed regions, housing construction and upgrading Busan’s cityscape.

18. Jobs & Economy Headquarters

Director-General: Lee Jun-seung, Tel +82-51-888-4400

Divisions: Job Creation | Economic Planning | Investment Promotion | Industrial Location
Tel +82-51-888-4391, 4731, 4441, 4911 | Fax +82-51-888-4399, 4749, 4449, 4919

To create new and better jobs, our bureau is in charge of attracting outstanding domestic and overseas businesses, promoting R&D to cultivate local talent, supporting ICT convergence, and fostering future growth industries.​

19. Industry & Trade Bureau

Director-General: Song Yang-ho, Tel +82-51-888-4600

Divisions: Trade Promotion | Fundamental Industries | Agriculture & Livestock Distribution
Tel +82-51-888-4801, 6441, 4621, 4961 | Fax +82-51-888-4819, 6449, 4639, 4979

Dedicated to stabilizing the local economy, the Industry & Trade Bureau works towards building a city focused on establishing global economic cooperation, promoting the footwear, textile, fashion and automobile industries and supporting marketing, developing and supplying new renewable sources of energy, and revitalizing urban agriculture for the betterment of all citizens and companies.​

20. Clean Energy Policy Bureau

Director-General: Jeong Chang-seok, Tel +82-51-888-4700

Divisions: Energy Industry | Clean Energy
Tel +82-51-888-4671, 4711 | Fax +82-51-888-4679, 4689

21. New Growth Engine Industry Bureau

Director-General: Kim Byoung-gi, Tel +82-51-888-4800

Divisions: Research & Development | Start-Up Support | Service & Finance | ICT Convergence
Tel +82-51-888-4511, 6731, 4861, 4551 | Fax +82-51-888-4509, 6739, 4869, 4559

The New Growth Engine Industry Bureau is in charge of promoting R&D to cultivate local talent, establishing infrastructure and support for business start-ups, strengthening Busan as a financial hub of marine and derivative products, supporting ICT convergence, and fostering future growth industries.

22. Marine and Fisheries Bureau

Director-General: Song Sam-jong, Tel +82-51-888-5300

Divisions: Marine Industry | Shipping & Port | Marine Leisure | Fisheries Resources | Fisheries Distribution & Processing
Tel +82-51-888-5271, 5291, 5351, 5381, 5421 | Fax +82-51-888-5259, 5299, 5359, 5389, 5429

Our bureau aims to continue to develop the city into a marine capital in the Northeast Asian Era by supporting new growth power industries including the marine, port logistics, marine products industries, to enhance its international competitiveness and ensure continuous national prosperity.

23. Busan Metropolitan Fire & Safety Headquarters

Fire Marshal: Yun soon-joong, Tel +82-51-760-3001

Divisions: Fire Administration and Personnel Division | Field Operations Division | Rescue and EMS Division | Fire Prevention & Safety Division | Fire Audit and Inspection Division | Special Operations Division
Tel +82-51-760-3010, 3050, 3100, 3140, 5710, 3170, 4020, 5810 | Fax +82-51-760-3019, 3059, 3109, 3149, 3719, 5719, 4029, 5819

Busan Metropolitan Fire & Safety Headquarters aims to not only effectively and efficiently extinguish fires, but also works toward fire prevention. Busan Metropolitan Fire & Safety Headquarters is focused on protecting the lives of citizens and property from all kinds of disasters, and works around the clock to accomplish its ultimate goals which center around improving the welfare of all citizens by offering the very best possible services.