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2017 Opening Dates for All Seven Public Beaches in Busan

2017-05-31 547  Views

Songdo Beach

Busan City has announced the dates of operation for the seven public beaches during the summer season in Busan.


Opening dates of public beaches in Busan this summer are as follows:

Haeundae and Songjeong Beaches: June 1 – August 31

Songdo Beach: June 1 - September 10

Dadaepo, Ilgwang and Imnang Beaches: July 1 – August 31

Gwangalli Beach: July 1 – September 10


The seven beaches in Busan offer lots things to do and see, convenient facilities and a variety of opportunities to enjoy water sports and summer festivals every year. As the best summer vacation destinations in Korea, the beaches are ready for summer tourists with new attractions and entertainment. 


A cable car stretching 1.62 kilometers over the open sea from the east of Songdo Beach to Amnam Park completed its construction and starts its operation in June. Sea diving boards at Songdo Beach are open to the public again this summer after dredging the sea bottom for the safety of swimmers.


A marine leisure zone will be designated to enjoy banana boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks and more at Haeundae Beach. Beach radio and book café will play requested songs from beachgoers and various performances will take place at Haeundae Beach.


Songjeong Beach has an expanded surfing area, showers, and a camping zone with convenient facilities.  


The opening of the Dadaepo metro extension on Line 1 in April allows for easy access to Dadaepo Beach. The Beach offers family fun with a variety of things to do and see, including an ecological center, a music show entitled ‘Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams,’ marine sports, and stages for youth performances.


Reed parasols have all been installed at Gwangalli, Ilgwang and Imnang Beaches.


All seven beaches in Busan are ready for the summer season.