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The UN Peace Memorial Hall artifacts collection

2014-02-25 1199  Views

Pictured above is a bird's-eye view of the UN Peace Memorial Hall.

Busan City is seeking donations of relics and artifacts to display at the UN Peace Memorial Hall, which opens in December. The City is seeking artifacts related to the UN forces from the Korean War, such as photos, video images, military uniforms, books, audio sources, the personal belongings of veterans, medals and awards, equipment, weapons, insignia and other memorabilia that have historical significance.


The City also seeks unconditional donations. Those willing to contribute to the collection should call Busan City’s Culture & Arts Division (051-888-4211~4) or email (ejrvkf2001@korea.kr) for more information. The donated materials will bear the name of the donor when exhibited at the UN Peace Memorial Hall.


A United Nations Peace Memorial Hall is set to be erected to pay tribute to the noble sacrifices of the UN soldiers who died during the 1950-1953 Korean War. Busan City will build the UN Peace Memorial Hall in December as a symbol of world peace and to expand civil exchanges between veteran nations.

UN Peace Memorial Hall to be set up, symbolizing peace

Monument to open in December this year

The Peace Memorial Hall is slated to be built in Danggok Park, next to the UN Memorial Cemetery in Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu (district). Approximately 25.8 billion won ($23.9 million) will be used toward this project.

“We have decided to build this Peace Memorial Hall to maximize the significance of the world’s only UN forces cemetery, located in Busan, and also to show the younger generation, who have never experienced war, how priceless peace is,” Busan City said in a statement.


The UN Peace Memorial Hall will serve as a place to learn about the atrocities of war and the virtue of peace; a landmark symbol of the UN, and a potential tourist destination. It will display the photos, military uniforms, book s, weapons and insignia of war veterans from 11 count ries that served in the Korean War. Materials of historic importance will also be displayed.

The hall is anticipated to be three stories with two underground levels. The site area will stretch across 8,336 square meters.

The source of news: Dynamic Busan