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Social Distancing Level Lowered to Level 1 (from Oct. 12 until further notice)

2020-10-12 259  Views

The Busan Metropolitan City has decided to ease the previous Level 2 social distancing measures to Level 1 from October 12, 2020.

Social Distancing Level 1 in the Busan Area

Period: Monday, October 12, 2020 until further notice

Required quarantine rules: wear a mask indoors, keep a visitor log, maintain 2-meter distancing among facility users, ventilate and disinfect regularly

Assemblies⋅Gatherings⋅Events: Allowed (recommend compliance with quarantine rules)

Sporting Events: Number of spectators restricted (up to 30 percent)

Publicly Used Facilities

Public: Indoor and outdoor national and public facilities to open to the public


Social welfare facilities and daycare centers in Busan to open for operation

Institutions/Businesses: Flexible work hours and working from home recommended

*Ban on Gatherings: Direct sales (e.g., door-to-door sales) promotion centers

Restrictions on Gatherings (required to comply with the quarantine rules)

Bars, including night clubs and room salons, Colatecs (Korean-style cabaret), karaoke bars, pubs, hunting pocha, bathhouses and saunas, hagwons (private educational institutes), study cafés, buffet restaurants, singing rooms, indoor standing performance halls, indoor gyms for intense group exercise (GX), distribution logistics centers, general restaurants, multi-rooms/DVD rooms, religious facilities, wedding halls, funeral homes

○ Venues with risk of exposure to a large number of unspecified people such as public transportation and protest venues, as well as facilities with vulnerable population groups such as hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities are required to make mask wearing mandatory regardless of social distancing level in effect.

○ Failure to wear masks or improper mask wearing* in places where it is mandatory may lead to a fine** imposed on the person involved as well as the manager/operator of the facility.

* not wearing masks or not completely covering nose and mouth

** 1-month grace period: October 13 – November 12, 2020

Mandatory Mask-Wearing
Safe in Busan! 
Let s keep Busan safe 
by social distancing! 
1~2m Keep your Distance 
30sec Wash your hands 
Remember! Wear mask! 
Twice a Day Open Windows 
Don t feel good? Stay Home!