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Instructions for Persons Entering Sea Ports of the Republic of Korea

2020-07-31 27  Views

The Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has released 'Instructions for Persons Entering Sea Ports of the Republic of Korea.'

Instructions for Persons Entering Sea Ports of the Republic of Korea 
For COVID-19 prevention, you are required to maintain quarantine for 14 days 
from the date of your arrival in the Republic of Korea in accordance with 
the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act. 

Once You Arrive 
All disembarking persons are required to have their samples collected and wait for 
their test result in the ship or designated waiting area. 
* Persons working in security zone(such as working on gangway installation, mooring line check/ 
adjustment, and visual draft check) are excluded from the test requirement 
1 Korean nationals: 
Install the app Self-Quarantine Protection and Safety on your phone and maintain 
self-quarantine for 14days 
2 Foreign nationals: 
Install the app Self-Check on your phone and undergo facility quarantine for 14 days 

Shore leavers* and re-boarding Korean nationals**: 
Install the app Self-Check and undergo active monitoring for 14 days 

*Shore leaver: A disembarking foreign national applying for landing permit 
**Re-boarding Korean national: A Korean national who left the ship without going through 
Immigration checkpoint and is returning to the ship 

General Infection Prevention Tips 
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water for over 30 seconds. 
Cover your nose and mouth using your upper sleeve when coughing. 
Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. 
Frequently ventilate your rooms. 
Wear a facemask if you have fever or respiratory or respiratory symptoms, 
or when you visit hospitals, clinics, or pharmacies.  

Instructions for Persons Entering Sea Ports of the Republic of Korea 
Home Quarantine Guidelines 
Instructions for Person Under Mandatory Home Quarantine: 
-To protect other people in your community from possible infection, do not leave your 
quarantine location (i.e. your home) as much as possible. 
-If you need to leave home for an essential need(such as getting medical care), contact your local 
public health center first. 
-Make sure to secure an independent living space. 
-If there is any space in your home that is shared with other household members(such as family members, 
rommates, and cohabitants), make sure that the common space is frequently ventilated. 
-If you are unable to secure an independent living space, ask your local public health center for help. 
-Keep your personal items (such as towels, eating utensils, and mobile phones) separate from other household members. 
-Immediately report to your local public health center if you begin to show fever, cough, shortness of breath, 
or other respiratory symptoms. 
Instructions for Household Members Living with Person Under Mandatory Home Quarantine: 
-To your best ability, avoid any physical contact with the quarantined household member. 
-In situations where you have to come in contact with the quarantined household member, 
make sure to wear a facemask and keep a distance of at least 2 meters between you and the person. 
-Closely monitor the health condition of the quarantined household member. 
-Keep clean all frequently touched surfaces and objects including tabletops, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, 
bedside tables, and keyboards. 
-If your work setting involves frequent contact with many people(including but not limited to school, private classes, 
preschool, kindergarten, social welfare facility, postpartum care center, and healthcare institution), 
limit or reduce your work capacity as best as possible to minimize contact with others until your household 
member is released from mandatory home quarantine. 

Self Diagnosis Mobile APP Google Play/IOS 
Self-Quarantine Safety Protection APP Android Download Google Play IOS 
*Failure to comply with this action may result in: 
-Criminal penalty of imprisonment up to 1 year or a fine up to 10 million won according to Article 79-3, 
subparagraph 3 through 5 of the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act; 
-Civil damages in the event that your failure to comply constitutes violation of law and causes damage to the 
state due to further transmission of the infectious disease and/or additional measures of disease control/prevention; and/or 
-(For foreign nationals) Revocation of visa or residence permit, deportation, and/or prohibition of entry according to the Immigration Act. 

Source: http://ncov.mohw.go.kr/infoBoardView.do?brdId=3&brdGubun=32&dataGubun=&ncvContSeq=2965&contSeq=2965&board_id=&gubun=#

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Russian

(Released as of July 6, 2020)