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'Distancing in daily life' to begin May 6 under lifestyle quarantine

2020-05-06 1010  Views

A New Routine Distancing in Daily Life 
Stay home for 3~4 days if you re sick.
Keep a distance of two arms  length between you and other people.
Wear a facemask in: 1 any indoor publicly used venue
2 outdoor environment if you can t keep 2 meter distance from other people
Wash your hands for 30 seconds. 
Cough/sneeze into your sleeve. 
Ventilate your space at least twice a day
and disinfect regularly.
Keep in touch with family and friends
while maintaining physicial distancing.
A new routine to keep COVID-19 away,
let s make it happen together. 

Distancing in Daily Life

Starting May 6, 2020, the nationwide “social distancing” campaign is over. In its place, the government has implemented the “distancing in daily life” system.

The new setup is a long-term and sustainable prevention system for "a new normal" that guarantees the resumption of people's daily routines and economic activities while continuing measures to prevent COVID-19.

Basic Personal Quarantine Guidelines

Stay at home for three to four days if you feel sick

Keep a full arm’s length distance between people

Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds several times a day and cover coughs with elbows

Disinfect and ventilate the space around you regularly twice or more daily.

Stay emotionally connected despite being physically distant

시민이 행복한 동북아 해양수도 부산
Hello Summer!
Safe in Busan!
Let s keep Busan safe by social distancing!
1~2m Keep your Distance
30sec Wash your hands
Remember! Wear mask!
Twice a day Open Windows
Don t feel good? Stay Home!
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