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Tips for Buying Public Masks

2020-03-26 387  Views

Tips for Buying Public Masks

Everyone can purchase two masks a week (Monday-Sunday)

Public Sellers for Masks in Busan

1,523 Pharmacies, Post offices in Gijang-gun, Nonghyup Hanaro Mart 26 branches in Busan

Tips for Buying Public Masks
Everyone can purchase two masks a week (Monday-Sunday)
힘내라 대구경북 힘내라 대한민국
The Government of the Republic of Korea

Make sure you check the day of the week assigned to you!
Use the last digit of your year of birth that appears on your resident registration number or alien registration number
Monday 1/6 Tuesday 2/7 Wednesday 3/8 Thursday 4·/9 Friday 5/0 Saturday Sunday Anyone who wasnt able to Make a weekday purchase
Ex) If you were born in 1987, you can buy masks on Tuesdays 

Resident registration card, driver s license, passport
Make sure to bring your ID!!
Minors Youth ID card, passport, or student ID+copy of resident registration 
*Legal representatives will need the representative s ID + copy of resident registration
Foreigners Health insurance card + alien registration card
Disabled Disability registration with resident registration number (disability welfare card) 

You can buy masks for others(proxy purchase) on the day assigned to the other person
Children born after 2010  Seniors born before 1940 Beneficiary of long-term medical care benefits 
Holders of disability registration 
Required documentation 
ID of the proxy 
Copy of resident registration certificate,listing the proxy and the person the proxy is standing in for as co-habitants
Beneficiaries of long-term medical care benefits should also bring their long-term medical care certificates 
Disabled persons should bring a disability registration that identifies their registration number (disability welfare card)

Online Public Face Mask Availability Service in Busan

The city of Busan is offering a face mask availability service at local pharmacies in the Busan area.

The service is available at http://www.busan.go.kr/maskinfo (Korean)