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Busan Selected as the 2020 FISM Asia Championship of Magic Venue

2019-09-27 331  Views

ASIA region of FISM
Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques
FISM International Federation of Magic Societies 

The City of Busan and the Busan International Magic Festival (BIMF) Organizing Committee announced that FISM Asia has decided the venue of the 2020 FISM Asia Championship of Magic (ACM) will be Busan.

ACM is the Asian contest of FISM. FISM hosts the “World Championship of Magic” (WCM) once every three years. ACM is the qualifying contest for WCM. In previous years, North America (NACM), Europe (ECM), Oceania (OCM), Latin America (LACM), South Africa (SCM) and Asia (ACM) held preliminary contests in their 6 respective regions around the world.

Within FISM, FISM ASIA has jurisdiction over the Asian region contest, ACM. The organizer (an Asian FISM member club) organizes the ACM. Contestants living in Asia with good magic performance standards can participate in the WCM, but must first compete and qualify at the ACM.

Site inspection and electronic voting in 22 clubs in 11 countries was conducted to select the venue for the 2020 FISM ACM. Busan was ultimately selected as the venue by earning 18 votes from a total of 34 votes.

The City of Busan and the BIMF Organizing Committee successfully hosted the 27th World Championships of Magic in July 2018 in Busan and have made efforts to promote magic to the public by annually hosting BIMF since 2006 and running the regular magic performance ‘Magic Circus’ beginning this year.

2020 FISM ACM is scheduled to be held in November 2020 in Busan. For more information, please contact the BIMF Organizing Committee at (051)626-7002.