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Magic Show: Magic Circus

2019-04-18 151  Views

Magic Circus 


○ Period: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between April 12 and December 29, 2019

○ Show Times: Friday 10:30/11:50/14:00/15:30, Saturday and Sunday 13:10/14:30/15:50/17:10

○ Venue: East Busan Lotte Mall Exit 8 (across at the outdoor parking lot)

Directions: Walking distance from Donghae Line OSIRIA Station

○ Tickets: 10,000 won for adults, 12,000 won for children aged 15 years or less

○ For more info.: (051)626-7002

Magic Circus is a permanent magic performance event for the first time in Korea and is hosted and organized by the City of Busan and the Busan International Magic Festival Organizing Committee.

The magic show will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between April 12 and December 29, 2019 at the East Busan Lotte Mall. It will be a magical family-oriented event enjoyable for both children and adults.

To promote the opening of the show, ticket prices will be discounted if you bring the magic show pamphlet to the ticket booth in April and May. There is a booth to purchase various magic tools and a trick art photo zone.

The 14th Busan International Magic Festival is scheduled to take place from June 25 to June 30 at the Busan Cinema Center and Gunam-ro, Haeundae.

(Website: https://www.hibimf.org/)

https://blog.naver.com/bimf7002 (Korean)