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Fabulous Fall Flowers and Plants at Nakdonggang Ecological Park

2018-10-10 503  Views


Pink Muhly Grass  


Nakdonggang Ecological Park welcomes visitors with spectacular fall flowers and plants. 


The Busan Nakdong River Project Management Office created cosmos flower beds on a 262,000 square meter area in the Samnak Ecological Park, as well as Pink Muhly Grass fields on a 8,000 square meter area in the Daejeo Ecological Park and Eulsukdo Migratory Bird Park.


The Pink Muhly Grass fields have expanded as their popularity has grown since 2017. 


Pink Muhly Grass (Muhlenbergia capillaries) is a perennial flowering plant growing 60 to 80 cm tall and looks like clouds of pink every fall.


Along with the Cosmos flower and Pink Muhly Grass, visitors can also enjoy other flowers, including Rose of Sharon, Red Spider Lily, Magic Lily and White Saffron at Gamjeon wildflower garden in Samnak Ecological Park. You can also walk around autumn reed beds along the river.  


The Cosmos flower will stay in bloom until the middle of October, while the Pink Muhly Grass will stay in bloom until the end of October.


For more information, please contact the Busan Nakdong River Project Management Office at (051)310-6071 or (051)209-2051


How to get there:

Samnak Ecological Park

Take about a 20 minute walk from Sasang Station or Deokpo Station, Metro Line No. 2 or take Bus No. 123, 126 or 138-1 and get off at Samnak Ecological Park Bus Stop.


Daejeo Ecological Park (near Parking Lot No. 2)

Gangseo-gu Office Station (Metro line 3), exits 1 or 3. Walk about 10 minutes towards the riverside.