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Busan’s ‘Clean Energy School’ Project Certified as UNESCO ESD Official Project

2018-08-06 286  Views


Clean Energy School 

Busan Metropolitan City’s ‘Clean Energy School’ Project has been selected as one of the Korea UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Official Projects of 2018. It enhances Busan’s reputation as a city committed to renewable energy.


The Korea UNESCO ESD Official Project was launched by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO in 2011 in order to raise a general awareness of ESD and to share and advocate the adoption of Korean ESD models. ESD prioritizes integrating sustainable development issues into teaching and learning; for example, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable consumption, and reducing disaster risks and poverty.


The Korean National Commission for UNESCO selected 11 ESD Official Projects nationwide this year. The ‘Clean Energy School’ Project, which is jointly being promoted by Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, the Korea Energy Agency and the Busan Climate & Environment Network, is certified as this year’s ESD official project.


The ‘Clean Energy School’ Project seeks to introduce photovoltaic power generation systems to 100 elementary, middle and high schools in Busan over five years from 2018 to 2022 to achieve zero energy self-sufficiency in the schools. The project will help students learn and experience energy production and saving, and to practice what they learn from the project in their daily lives.