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BADA TV Digital Video Contest to Be Held Until September 7

2018-04-09 299  Views

BADA TV Digital Video Contest: Originality 

The City of Busan will be hosting the 17th Digital Video Contest until September 7 at 6:00PM as part of its project to expand visual culture and communication and to enhance the city’s status as a global hub of visual media.


The annual video contest has been held since 2002 and this year’s title of the contest is “Originality.” The entries will focus on something uniquely original to Busan, which features the city’s identity, originality and sense of pride, with an inspired story, unique experience or your own creative idea.


All Korean nationals and registered foreign residents in Korea are eligible to enter the contest individually or in groups.


Entries can be in any genre, including an advertisement, song, documentary, animation or promotional video. Any kind of digital creative video filmed with a video camera or a drone, or a digital animation can be submitted.


The application form can be downloaded from the BADA TV website at

http://badatv.busan.go.kr/04_u/02_u.jsp?tn=gongmosub&reload=true&wowBlock=0&npage=0&sgb=Y&b_id=0&m_id=0&s_id=3 (Only in Korean)


A total of 8 awards will be given away, including a Grand Prize of 5,000,000 won, a 1,500,000 won second prize, two 1,000,000 won third prizes and four 300,000 won fourth prizes. The winning entries will be announced on the BADA TV website at the end of September.


For more detailed information, please visit the BADA TV website at http://www.badatv.com or by calling the Communications Planning Division at (051)888-1375.