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The Exhibition, ‘BUSAN RETURNS’ to Take Place at F1963 Sukcheon Hall

2018-02-01 312  Views

Busan Returns 

Busan City, Busan Cultural Foundation and Kiswire Ltd., have been jointly transforming Kiswire’s former wire rope factory F1963 into a multicultural complex as the city’s latest cultural regeneration project. ‘F1963 Sukcheon Hall’ for exhibitions and performances opened at the end of 2017 after a one-year renovation project and as the second pilot program of the project, the exhibition, ‘BUSAN RETURNS’ is set to take place from January 27 to February 25, 2018 at Sucheon Hall.


The first pilot program of the project, “Listening to Transparency” took place last year.


‘BUSAN RETURNS’ is a Busan-themed convergence exhibition seeking and exploring the city’s cultural characteristics using five of the city’s representative keywords - sea, film, song, baseball and alleyway.



This exhibition <Busan Returns> pays homage to Busan and seeks to explore Busan’s open and mixed cultural features through five themes that represent the city which are: <Sea, Alleyway, Film, Song and Baseball>. The natural environment of Busan (Sea), images of Busan that can be from both stage and film material (Film), sentiments of life in Busan that are expressed in paintings, literature and music (Song), city of baseball, the cheering culture of Busan and public passion (Baseball), Busan’s landscapes of the hillside roads and winding small roads (Alleyway). These themes are shown through various art genres. This exhibition explores how various converging genres, such as paintings, music, photography, architecture and film can be associated with the memory and culture of the city of Busan.



Period: Saturday, January 27 – Sunday, February 25, 2018

○ Venue: F1963 Sukcheon Hall

○ Free admission

○ Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Closed on Feb. 15 and 16)

○ Hosted and Organized by: Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Cultural Foundation, KISWIRE

○ For more info.: Busan Cultural Foundation (051)754-0433


How to get to F1963

- Address: 20, Gurak-ro 123, Suyeong-gu, Busan

- How to get there: Get off at Suyeong Station (Metro line 2) and go out exit 5. Take bus No. 54 and get off at the KISWIRE bus stop. Or get off at Mangmi Station (Metro line 3) and go out exit 2. Transfer to neighborhood/village bus No. 2 and get off at the Sanjeong Apartment bus stop.

Busan Returns 


Busan is surrounded by a coastline that extends about 250km from Gijang County to Gadeokdo Island and includes more than 40 deserted islands. Busan's ocean which has a dynamic energy to transform itself into something different each season, still retains its strength and beauty despite ongoing development and industrialization.



Considering the number of times that Busan has been selected as a shooting location, as well as its unique sentiment, Busan has been the most beloved spot for Korean films.  Busan is the city that also has enriched limitless film-related imaginations and is a place that has always been connected with films.



Songs of Busan contain the sentiments of life. Busan proudly sings as a painting presented on the canvas, as a regular magazine with writings and images, and as various experimental music.



In Busan, baseball is not simply a sport and a seagull is not just a sea bird. The moment the hitter hits the ball, the passion of Busan's citizens explodes through their enthusiastic shouts.



Alleyways that connect houses in the steep mountain slopes of Busan contain the stories of people’s days and lives as every day passes. Alleyways are the origin of Busan's roads that come winding down from the hills and connect with the bigger roads which then meet the river before finally going out to the ocean.