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Successful Applicants Announced for 2018 International Film Business Academy by the Busan Asian Film School

2017-11-20 313  Views

2018 International Film Business Academy 

The Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) has completed its Fellow Recruitment for the 2018 International Film Business Academy, selecting 20 fellows from 16 countries out of a total number of 117 film talents from 20 countries.


Compared to last year, this year’s applications featured more candidates from diverse countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Nepal, Pakistan and Yemen. Generally speaking, most of the applicants were much more highly qualified than in the previous year.


Among the finalists, there were more producers who have made and distributed commercial feature films in their own countries or participated in international co-production projects.

In addition, some of finalists have experience in studying filmmaking or Korean language in Korea and working on a production staff or as a translator in the Korean film industry, so the school is looking forward to their future activities in furthering the mutual exchange of films between Korea and other countries.


20 successful applicants for the 2018 International Film Business Academy will have ample opportunities to study the film industry and filmmaking environment of each Asian country more intensely from the perspectives of film producers and develop their own film projects at the 2018 International Film Business Academy. 

The academy will begin in March 2018.

Busan Asian Film School Website: http://www.afis.ac/