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Cosmos Flowers Bloom at Ecological Parks along the Nakdonggang River

2017-09-25 473  Views

Cosmos Flowers  

The Busan Nakdong River Project Management Office created cosmos flowerbeds on a 220,000 square meter area in the Samnak and Hwamyeong Ecological Parks.  


Fields of cosmos at Samnak Ecological Park are a popular place to visit to enjoy fall flowers blooming every year. The expanded cosmos flowerbeds were created on about a 50,000 square meter area around the wetland in the Hwamyeong ecological park. It will provide a unique view to visitors along with the wetland.     


Beautiful cosmos flowerbeds at ecological parks along the Nakdonggang River will be a healing place for visitors escaping the hectic city life.

The Busan Nakdong River Project Management Office is continuously expanding flower fields in the ecological parks where visitors can view blooming flowers during every season of the year.  


The following places are where you can enjoy cosmos flowers at ecological parks along the Nakdonggang. 

Migratory birds feeding place at Samnak Ecological Park (114,000)

Near entrance of the Samnak Ecological Park (11,540)

By the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit at Samnak Ecological Park (14,000)

Lotus flowerbeds at Hwamyeong Ecological Park (34,720)

Aquatic botanical garden at Hwamyeong Ecological Park (8,000)

For more information, please contact the Busan Nakdong River Project Management Office at (051)310-6071.

How to get there:

Samnak Ecological Park

Take about a 20 minute walk from Sasang Station or Deokpo Station, Metro Line No. 2 or take Bus No. 123, 126 or 138-1 and get off at Samnak Ecological Park Bus Stop.

Hwamyeong Ecological Park

Take Metro Line No. 2 to Sujeong Station then leave by Exit No. 3, or take Bus No. 15, 59, 111, 121 or 126 and get off at Sujeong Station.