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[VIDEO] Older People’s Hearts: Busan Cross-Generational Communication Project

2017-09-20 375  Views

Busan Cross-Generational Communication Project 

Busan City uploaded the ‘Older People’s Hearts: Busan Cross-Generational Communication Project’ video to its official Youtube channel, Facebook and Kakao Story accounts in February 2017. The video was produced to call attention to the problems of the elderly in a rapidly aging society and to induce communication between generations.  


The 6-minute and 37-second video features an actor in his 20s who dresses up as an older gentleman in his 80s, and spends a day as an older person by taking a bus, having a cup of coffee at a café with mostly young customers and communicating with seniors at the park and young people at a university campus.


The video was filmed in Centum City, Yongdusan Park and Pukyong National University, and special makeup artists from the Korean movie ‘Eungyo’ and ‘The Handmaiden’ were involved in the special make-up effects in the video.


The video posted on the city’s official Facebook account has already been watched 130,000 times, with about 4,600 likes and shared about 1,000 times in the first three days after the release of the video.  


For more information, please contact the Communications Planning Division at (051) 888-1411.



Busan City Official Youtube Channel: (subtitles in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese)

https://youtu.be/c9ejd6aClPE (subtitle in Korean)

https://youtu.be/i2TgsjgNbHQ (subtitle in English)

https://youtu.be/XVL9dbKeeFc (subtitle in Chinese)

https://youtu.be/6phKU4gRHfE (subtitle in Japanese)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YumFpF6r4Vs (subtitle in Spanish)