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  • Site: 13,656㎡
  • Buildings: 8,712㎡ - 33 rooms (four floors above ground)
  • 1st Hall: 5,210㎡ - 25 rooms
  • 2nd Hall: 3,695㎡ - 13 rooms
  • - 1st Hall -
    • 1st Floor
      • Data Room: managing exhibits, Contains specialized books
      • Exhibition Study Room: used for analyzing exhibition items and studying how best to exhibit items
    • 2nd Floor
      • Special Exhibition Hall: holds special exhibition shows, and also used as an academic space
      • Screen Science Hall: used for publicizing cutting-edge science and as a conference room
    • 3rd Floor
      • Coral Hall: systematically classifies and exhibits corals called the "flowers of the sea"
      • Aquatic Bird/Sea Water Hall: exhibits a variety of aquatic birds from the polar regions, swamps, seashores and sea water
      • Marine Life Artifact Hall: exhibits super-large jumbo squid, sea urchins, trepangs, and starfish
      • Reptile Hall: exhibits a variety of reptiles that are amphibious
      • Korean Shellfish/Fossil Hall: shellfish inhabiting Korean waters and fossils found in Korea
      • Shark/Ray Hall: exhibits sharks and rays
  • - 2nd Hall -
    • 2nd Floor
      • Shellfish Hall: shellfish from countries around the world
      • Crustacean Hall: wonderful crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs from countries around the world
      • Visually Impaired Persons Hall: The first exhibition hall in Korea exclusively for the visually impaired, exhibiting fossils, fish, shellfish, and rare aquarium fish
    • 3rd Floor
      • Coral Hall: presenting the habitat of corals, exhibiting sharks, and classifying and exhibiting a variety of fish from waters around the world
      • Korean Water System Supporting Hall: exhibiting Korean marine life by sea area and characteristic
    • 4th Floor
      • Fossil Hall: exhibiting fossils from home and overseas, ranging from the paleozoic Era 500million years ago, to the Mesozoic Era and Cenozoic Era