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Necessities for Creating Busan Innovation City

In June 24, 2005, the Korean government announced a decentralization plan according to which 176 public institutions were relocated outside the capital region and Daejeon to 12 regional metropolitan cities. The relocation project prompted Busan city to construct a future-oriented, region-specific city where local industries, academia, research institutions and local autonomous organizations work together to foster regional growth. Examples of successful outcomes of the Innovative City project can be found in cutting-edge industrial cities such as Sophia Antipolis in France, Toyota, Japan and Kista, Sweden, all of which managed to enhance their regional and national competitiveness through the project. Busan Innovative City consists of three innovation districts and a multi-dwelling residential area once other agencies are relocated: four agencies related to maritime and fisheries will be relocated to the Dongsam district, three film-related agencies to the Centum district, and five financial and other public institutions to the Munhyeon district. A multi-dwelling residential area will be built on a lot where ROKA(Republic Korea Army) Logistics Command used to be located.

Busan Innovation City Construction Outline

Progress by district

01. Dongsam district

Dongsam district
Basic status

※ Existing facilities, Planned facilities (9): Korean Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology, Marine Environment Research & Training Institute, South Regional Headquarters Korea Coastguard, Busan Maritime High School, International Ferry Terminal, Busan Harbor Fire Station, National Maritime Museum, Korea Maritime University (Second Campus), Busan Port Authority

Development direction

02. Munhyeon district

Dongsam district
Basic status
Development direction

03. Centum district

Centum district
Basic status

※ Facilities to be built (3): Busan Cinema Center, Post-Production Facility, Culture and Contents Complex

04. Multi-dwelling residential area

Centum district
Basic status