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Marine Week 2017

2017-10-24 (Tue) ~ 2017-10-27 (Fri)



Marine Week 2017 

Marine Week 2017 

The 9th ‘Marine Week 2017,’ one of the world’s top four shipbuilding and marine exhibitions, is scheduled to be held at BEXCO for four days from Tuesday, October 24 to Friday, October 27.


 This event will feature 2,600 booths by 1,200 participating companies. ‘Marine Week’ has been held biennially since 2001 after incorporating three individual exhibitions: ‘KORMARINE,’ ‘MADEX,’ and ‘SEA-PORT.’ It is a mammoth-scale international exhibition that encompasses the shipbuilding and marine industry and the defense industry.


○Period: October 24 - 27, 2017

○Venue: BEXCO

○Hours of Operation: 10/24-26 10AM-5PM, 10/27 10AM-4PM

○Admission: 5,000 won

○For more info.: 02-785-4771 

○Website: http://www.marineweek.org/


MADEX 2017(International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition)

‘MADEX 2017,’ an exhibition which displays the present and future of the world’s cutting-edge marine defense industrial technologies, is scheduled to be held at BEXCO Exhibition Center I. It is hosted by the Republic of Korea Navy, the Busan Metropolitan City and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). A total of 170 companies from 20 countries will participate in this exhibition this year, making it the largest in scale ever, and it is especially noticeable to have the Republic of Korea Marine Corps Headquarters, the Korea Coast Guard, and the Headquarters of the US naval forces in Korea as the participants of MADEX 2017. The number of new participating businesses including the United Kingdom Pavilion has considerably increased this year, and the real equipment actually operated at the Republic of Korea Navy and Corps will be displayed, providing a variety of things to see. In addition, overseas navy delegations that comprise around 60 people from about 25 countries, including chiefs of navy operations, and commanders of operations and logistics, are scheduled to visit MADEX 2017 and engage in practical consultations with participating companies through one-to-one business meetings and a reception. Separately, the foreign military officers group will also be invited and a variety of events will be held for them.

SEA-PORT 2017 (International Port, Logistics & Environmental Technology Exhibition) 

‘SEA-PORT 2017,’ Korea’s only port/logistics and marine environment exhibition, is scheduled to be held at BEXCO Exhibition Center I. Hosted by the busan Metropolitan City and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), SEA-PORT has been selected as Korea’s global top exhibition by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for nine consecutive years since 2001 when it was first held. It will display a wide range of the cutting-edge devices and technologies used in domestic ports, marine logistics services, port loading and unloading, and logistics centers. In addition, companies related to ship and air transport services will also participate to provide viewers with an abundant variety of things to see. In particular, this year, a ‘Security/Marine Safety Special Zone’ will be built in the exhibition center, presenting diverse cutting-edge technologies associated with security and marine safety, such as security across coastal regions, marine rescue and recovery, marine contamination prevention, an all-source situation system, video security, fire protection and an information retrieval system.


KORMARINE 2017 (International Marine, Shipbuilding, Offshore, Oil & Gas Exhibition)

The 20th ‘KOMARINE 2017,’ which is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Busan Metropolitan City, the Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA), the Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA) and Reed K. Fairs Ltd., is scheduled to be held at BEXCO Exhibition Center I, Exhibition Center and the Outdoor Event Hall. This international-scale exhibition covers overall areas including shipbuilding/marine and offshore plants, and oils, and has about 950 participating companies from 35 countries. Particularly, the three major South Korea-based shipbuilding companies (Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, and Samsung Heavy Industries) will participate in KORMARINE for the first time this year. Moreover, other prominent events will be held concurrently including ‘KOMARINE Conference,’ ‘International Shipbuilding Association,’ ‘Marine CEO Forum,’ ‘Marine Engineering Society Fall Symposium’ and ‘KOMARINE award.’ In addition, the ‘KOMARINE Export Consultation Meeting’ as well as ‘Preliminary Meeting Program’ to promote exports and trade consultations will serve as a platform to arrange consultation meetings among buyers.