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Drone Show Korea 2018

2018-01-25 (Thu) ~ 2018-01-27 (Sat)

Drone Show Korea 2018 

"Drone Show Korea 2018" is held for three days from Thursday, January 25, 2018 to Saturday, January 27, 2018. This is the largest drone/UAV event in Asia, and is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Busan Metropolitan City and organized by BEXCO and Korea UVS Association.


 Launched in January 2016 to support the growth of the drone/UAV industry as a future strategic industry in keeping up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Drone Show Korea has boldly emerged as one of the largest events in Asia as the second event was held in January 2017.


 Leading companies and institutes in particular at home and abroad, including Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korean Air, Uconsystem, and DJI, displayed large-scale booths and presented various compositions ranging from fixed-wing drones to quadcopters for photographing and hobbyists. In addition, "Special Maritime Hall" shows the limitless possibilities of drones and provides a new perspective of the sea by introducing unmanned ships, underwater robots, etc.


 Furthermore, the international conference attendees will include domestic and overseas speakers, celebrities, and government officials who share the special interest. Their upcoming participation has already attracted the enrollment of about 1,300 people. A variety of additional events, including "Drone Fight," "DIY Experience Class," and "Contents Awards," are also prepared to enhance the public's awareness of drones and expand the drone base.


 In 2018, this third drone show features the introduction of a new program to support the businesses of participating companies so that the basis for industrial growth can be established. By reflecting the current market situation in which drones start to be used in the public service areas, such as disaster prevention, disaster monitoring, measurement, and climate forecasting, the "conference on the domestic demand of the public market" is scheduled to be organized in order to consider an interface between supply and demand. In addition, this show also features the support of the "consulting for commercialization" to provide participating companies with business consulting by inviting crowdfunding companies, venture capital (VC) companies, patent corporations, etc. as well as the "inter-industry joint seminar" to support the establishment of a collaboration system between component, material and software suppliers, and drone manufacturers.


 In addition to the "Special Maritime Hall" first displayed in 2017, the "Special Space Information Hall" is also operated this year along with the Korean Association of Spatial Information, Surveying & Mapping to emphasize the importance of mapping and measurement, which has recently been in the spotlight as a sea of opportunity.


 Furthermore, the "Special Education Hall" is opened in this event with the educational institutions gathering together to nurture professional drone manpower. The exhibition space consisting of various types of special halls with a total of 330 booths is expected to present a variety of items in collaboration with drone manufacturers.


 The conference, which represents the identity of the "Drone Show Korea," will feature 36 speakers from six countries, who are involved in Intel, NASA, and other global institutions. They will make presentations on the subject of the "Expansion of Drone/UAV." The speakers will present the possibilities of the mapping in the fields of construction and road, and special focus will be made on the fields of space information and measurement. In addition, they will present the potential of AI, anti-drones, marine drones, the management of marine cities using drones, as well as the drones developed in connection with the contents industry. Further, the involved government officials will announce relevant policies, followed by the special session by public institutions, to discuss the actual development prospect of the industry.


 Various experience events are also held to support a safe and sound drone leisure culture and to cultivate the dreams of youths with an aim of expanding the basis of drones.


○ Period: January 25 - January 27, 2018

○ Venue: BEXCO

○ Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

○ Hosted by: Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy, Busan Metropolitan City

○ Organized by: BEXCO, Korea Unmanned Vehicle System Association

○ Website: http://eng.droneshowkorea.com/main/main.php