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TURN TOWARD BUSAN by Jung Dance Company

2017-11-09 (Thu) ~ 2017-11-11 (Sat)


2017 Local Culture & Art Characterization Support Project  - Brand Contents Production


2017 Busan Brand Contents

Turn Toward Busan

| Jung Dance Company |


Turn Toward Busan

After Busan went through a history of hardship, it today settled a culture of communication and convergence. Busan becomes a symbol of hope and value of life with seas and mountains embraced. Looking back the sacrifice of previous generation for the scar of war, people around the world have paid attention to Busan with careful consideration for what is our desired peace.


Intention of Work

<Turn Toward Busan>, a performance of Jung Sin-hye Dance Company for 2017 Busan Brand Contents, started by raising underlying questions about peace and war: why was UN Memorial Cemetery, the world's only cemetery for UN fallen forces, founded?, what value did the forces fight for in the cutthroat battlefield?, why was <Turn Toward Busan> held across the world every year at 11:00 AM (KST) on November 11th to commemorate the UN forces killed in the Korean War? and what thought did those offering a silent tribute toward Busan from different countries have for it? This work was created from the meanings of questions and the reflection on them.


For UN Memorial Cemetery

Memorial Cemetery is the world's only cemetery for UN Forces; it was set up by the United Nations Command on January 1951 when the Korean war progressed and then finished on April in the same year. National Assembly of South Korea permanently donated the land to UN and decided it as a sacred place on November in 1955 to compensate for the noble sacrifice of UN Forces; UN was delivered the resolution of National Assembly from Korean government and passed the solution to maintain permanently it in the UN General Assembly. Thus, UN and Korean government entered into 'Korea-UN Agreement on the installation and maintenance of UN Memorial Cemetery' on November in 1959. This cemetery was enlisted as a cultural asset of modern Korean history (No. 359) on October 24th in 2007.


To remain resonant

Jung Sin-hye, an art director and choreographer in Jung Sin-hye Dance Company, has created exceptional dance performances and sensuous messages through various contemporary works based on Korean dance to give a boost to Korean creative dance.


<Turn Toward Busan> is one of Busan's representative brands with different genres and harmonious collaboration: Im Jin-yeong's music for life and death, Min Cheon-hong's sensuous costume, Kim Jang-young's movie and Hwang Jin-seon's stage for dance, Yeo Guk-gun's lighting.


○Period: November 9-11, 2017


Nov. 9 - 10, 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 11, 5:30 p.m.

○Venue: Busan Cinema Center

○Tickets: R 50,000 won / S 30,000 won 

○For more info.: (051)999-5301