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Bicycle-only Roads in Busan

(As of June 2014)

Bicycle-only Roads in Busan
No. Section Length (㎞)
Total 20 sections 84.15
1 The left bank of the Oncheoncheon Stream (Oncheongyo to Allakgyo) 6.7
2 The right bank of the Oncheoncheon Stream (Sebyeonggyo to the Weondong Interchange) 5.4
3 The upper section of the Oncheoncheon Stream (around Geumjeong-gu) 6.19
4 The left bank of the Suyoung River (Dongcheongyo to e-Pyeonhansesang Apt.) 6.89
5 The right bank of the Suyeong River (around APEC Naru Park) 0.77
6 Baeyeong Elementary School in Gangseo-gu (Maekdo Village to Songbaek Village) 4.87
7 Kyungsung Univ.- Pukyong Nat'l Univ. metro station to Busan Museum 2.03
8 Sajik stadium to the back gate of Busan Nat'l University of Education to the Oncheoncheon Stream 2.6
9 Sinpyeong metro station to Riverside Road 1.99
10 Yonghoman bay reclaimed land in Nam-gu 1.6
11 Geumjeong Sports Park 0.3
12 Hwamyeong Ecological Park in Buk-gu 9.60
13 The bank of the Nakdonggang River in Sasang-gu 5.5
14 Sinpyeong-Jangrim industrial complex in Saha-gu 2.44
15 Water Front Park in Suyeong-gu to Hyundai I’Park 2.51
16 Around the Myeongjin Driving School in Haeundae-gu 0.76
17 Suyeong gyo (bridge) in Suyeong-gu to Suyeong Hyupseong Renaissance Apt 1.56
18 Border of Saha-gu to the 1st gas/freight station in Eomgung-dong 1.20
19 Daelim Motorcycle in Beomjeon-dong to recycling store in Beomjeon-dong 0.13
20 Around Nakdonggang river bank in Gangseo-gu 21.11