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Friendship Cities(10 cities in 6 countries)

Friendship Cities(10 cities in 6 countries)
City Country/Area Date of exchange Size of land(km²) Population(thousand) Note
Shenzhen China 2007.5.17 1952 8,912 Fourth largest container port in the world (2nd in China)
Tianjin China 2007.7.23 11,760 12,720 One of the largest industrial centers in northern China
Osaka Japan 2008.5.21 221 2,630 Second largest city in Japan and largest city in Kansai
Chongqing China 2010.12.02 82,400 35,000 The world's largest municipality by area and population. A major city in southwestern mainland China and one of the five national central cities
Bangkok Thailand 2011.7.11 1,568 5,700 Capital city of Thailand
Beijing China 2013.8.14 16,410 20,693 Capital of the People's Republic of China Center for the nation's politics, culture and international exchange
Nagasaki Japan 2014.3.25 4,105 1,385 The International Exchange City opened its doors to the west for the first time in Japan
Bandar Abbas Iran 2016.5.30 1,052 68,000 Bandar Abbas is a port city and capital of Hormozgan province on the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf.
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 2016.8.3 1,567 2,960 Capital of Mongolia, hub of politics, culture and international relations
Panama City Panama 2016.9.28 275 886 Capital of Panama, leading financial hub in Central America