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Skyscrapers will soar into the Busan sky
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Two lofty towers,  Busan Lotte World at 107 stories and

the World Business Center at 106, are planned in Busan

While all over the world cities started high-rise building competition, Busan also plunges into the competition by constructing skyscrapers.  To proudly compare with the world‘s high-rise buildings, Busan will host two skyscrapers.


High-rise buildings to be built in Busan

The design of 106-story Busan World Business Center(left) to be built at the Centum City. Haeundae district. The design of Asymptote was chosen through an international competition. It looks like three sailing ships spreading. 107-story Busan Lotte World will be built in the former site of Busan City Hall Jungang-dong, Jung district. It will be topping off at 510 meters.

■ Busan Lotte World

The site around the former Busan City Hall building in J ungang-dong, Jung district will house the 107-story Busan Lotte World, 510 meters tall, while the 106-story World Business Center Busan or WBCB will soar above Centum City in Haeundae district.

The former will be the fourth-tallest building built or being built in the world when completed. Busan recently approved the construction plan from Lotte Shopping Co. Ltd.

Lotte will open a department store and cinema in 2009 as the first phase.  It plans to finish the construction completely, including the high-rise tower, by 2013.  The high-rise tower will house a luxury hotel with 800 suites, an observatory and intelligent furnished offices.  Cultural facilities and a department store will be located on the lower levels.

The edifice will bear some semblance to a standing ship, with grand curves conveying the city's harbor spirit.  Also, the traditional Korean cheonhadaejanggun (guardian deity at the entrance of a town) will be engraved to make its image that of a powerful, cutting-edge gateway to Northeast Asia.

■ Busan World Business Center

Meanwhile, Busan selected a design by New York Asymptote for the WBCB, being built at Centum City, Haeundae district, through an international competition.

Its design looks like three sailing ships spreading.

The WBCB will include a 106-story building and two 51-story buildings, with a floor space of 396,696 square meters on a 26,446-square-meter space, and will start construction in March.

The world's high-rise building construction competition started with the 110-story World Trade Center at 417 meters in New York in 1972.  Then the Sears Tower soared up to 443 meters in Chicago in 1974.  In 1999, Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur followed with its 88 stories and 452 meters in height.

In 2004, Taiwan's Taipei 101 Financial Center at 508 meters broke the world record.  In the next year, Dubai in the Middle East will have the 160-story Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world.  In Hong Kong, a 108-story International Commerce Center will be constructed by 2010.


The source of news : Dynamic Busan


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