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Public Solicitation of an Operator of the Busan International Foreign School
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Busan Metropolitan City Public Announcement No. 2009 - 486


Public Solicitation of an Operator of the Busan International Foreign School 


The Busan Metropolitan City hereby publicly announces solicitation of an operator of the Busan International Foreign School which will be built to improve education for foreign residents of Busan and to facilitate attraction of foreign investment:


1.       Project Overview

(1)     Location: 251-11 Nae-ri, Gijang-gun, Busan

(2)     Size: lot size; 29,909, total floor area; 15,661.28, 5 above ground levels/1 basement level

(3)     Construction: Construction commenced in November 2008 and scheduled to be completed in March 2010

(4)     Capacity: 540 to 720 students

(5)     Grades: Pre-school through grade 12 (English language)

(6)     School Opening: August 2010

(7)     Project Details: Establishment and operation of the Busan International Foreign School in the facilities to be constructed

(8)     Project Arrangement: Free leasing of the school site and building by the Busan Metropolitan City to the operator


2.       Qualified Bidders

(1)     Foreign nationals

(2)     Non-profit foreign juristic persons

(3)     Schools established under the Private School Act 


3.       Means of Selection

(1)     Preferred bidder to be selected through review of proposals submitted by bidders

(2)     Operator to be selected and an operation contract to be concluded after  negotiations with the selected preferred bidder


4.       Receipt and Review of Proposals

(1)     Period of Receipt: 09:0018:00, June 1, 2009 (Mon) June 3, 2009 (Wed)

(2)     Place of Receipt: International Relations Division, Busan Metropolitan City (11th floor of the Busan City Hall)

(3)     Means of Submission: In person (Modification of submitted details not allowed)

(4)     Period of Review: June 2009 (Schedule for presentation and review of the proposal to be notified to each bidder)


5.       Project Information Session

(1)     Date: 14:00, May 1, 2009 (Fri)

(2)     Place: Conference Room (I), 12th floor, Busan City Hall Request for proposal to be provided


6.       Miscellaneous

(1)     For more details, please see the request for proposal.

(2)     Contact Point: International Relations Division, Busan Metropolitan City

2001 Jungangno, Yeonje-gu Busan 611-752 Korea

T. +82-51-888-3539, F. +82-51-888-4039,


Apr 23, 2009

Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City


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