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Largest Global Cloud Data Center in Korea to be built in Busan
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Pictured above is a bird's-eye view of the LG CNS Busan Global Data Center .


Busan City and LG CNS held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the LG CNS Busan Global Data Center at Mieum Industrial Estate, in Gangseo-gu District, on February 13, 2012. The LG CNS Busan Data Center will be a 133,000 facility built on a 39,000 site.


The Data Center will be the largest data center in Korea, and will be earthquake-resistant. For the first time among all data centers in Korea, base isolation will be applied to the Busan Data Center. This is a structural design technique in which dampers are used to protect buildings against the effect of major earthquakes with a magnitude of 8 on the Richter Scale.


The Global Data Center will have an operational capacity of 72,000 servers and is scheduled to be completed in December 2012. Busan City and LG CNS plan to expand this capacity on a yearly basis until 2014.


Busan City expects that the establishment of the LG CNS Data Center will create jobs for as many as 30,000 employees and this will constitute a big step forward for Busan City in its aims to become a leading IT hub of Asia. 


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