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Public Transportation Transfer Discount System

City Bus ↔ Metro ↔ Village/Neighborhood Bus

Since July 2, 2008, the Public Transportation Transfer Discount System has also included village/neighborhood buses. Continued efforts will be made to provide citizens with a more affordable service and with enhanced accessibility.
Please leave your car at home and use Busan's fast and convenient public transportation network instead.
  • Implementation Date: July 2, 2008
  • Transfer Discount:
    • City Bus Metro Village/Neighborhood Bus
  • How to Transfer: Up to 2 transfers permitted, each if within 30 minutes from the time you get off the previous means of transportation
    • On routes where the bus service is less frequent, exceeding 30 minutes, then the transfer discount will be available within 60 minutes of exiting the previous means of transportation.
  • Application of Fares
    • Criteria: The highest fare among the various means of transportation used during the journey will be applied as the Basic Fare
    • How to get a Discount:
      • ① City Bus-City Bus, or Village Bus-Village Bus: Free Transfer
        ※ If you transfer to the same no. bus, no discount will be given.
      • ② All other transfers except for ①:
        Transfer Discount (Basic Fare+Discounted Transfer Fare)
        ※ Discount Transfer Fare in Busan: Adults - 200 won;
        Teenagers - 130 won;
        Children - 50 won.
      ※ Discount Transfer Fare (Gimhae, Yangsan, Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit) : Adults 500 won, Teenagers 260 won, Children 100 won
  • Busan Transportation Corporation 1544-5005
  • Bus Transportation Business Association (051)635-5221
  • Village/Neighborhood Bus Transportation Business Association (051)868-9485
  • Mybi 1588-8990
  • Busan Hanaro Card (051)868-7621


  • You must use a Transportation Card to get a Transfer Discount.
    ※ Those who pay in cash are unable to receive a Transfer Discount.
  • To get the Transfer Discount, you must touch the Terminal by the exit with your Transportation Card when you get off.
  • You may transfer as many as 2 times (i.e. you may board as many as 3 times altogether).
    (e.g. Village/Neighborhood Bus City Bus, Village/Neighborhood Bus Metro, City Bus Metro Village/Neighborhood Bus, Village/Neighborhood Bus Metro Express Bus
  • If a transfer takes place between different means of transportation, you only need to pay the highest fare of the means of transportation used and the applicable Discount Fare
    (Adults: 200 won, Teenagers: 130 won; Children: 50 won).
  • If 2 or more persons pay a fare with one Transportation Card, discounts will only be given to the person who touches the terminal with the Transportation Card on exiting the first (and second) means of transport.
  • In the case of transfers between City buses or between Village Buses, if you transfer to the same no. bus, you cannot receive a Transfer Discount.
    ※ e.g. If you get off the No. 1 Nam-gu Village Bus, and take it again within 30 minutes, no Discount will be given.
  • If you use a Transportation Card that does not match your passenger type
    (e.g. paying a teenager fare with an Adult Transportation Card), you cannot receive a Discount.
  • The discounted fare system for transfers between local buses and metros was expanded to Gimhae and Yangsan from May 21, 2011.※ Discount Transfer Fare (Gimhae, Yangsan, Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit) : Adults 500 won, Teenagers 260 won, Children 100 won)
  • Transportation Cards issued by other local self-governing bodies (Ulsan, Jinhae, etc.) cannot currently be used.
  • If the remaining amount in the Transportation Card is insufficient, a Transfer Discount will not be granted.
  • In case you have to transfer because your bus has broken down, touch the Terminal with your Transportation Card when you get off the vehicle, and do not touch the Terminal of the replacement Vehicle. Just ride it to the Transfer Destination and then touch the Terminal with the Transportation Card when you board the Transfer Vehicle.
    ※ A refund will be granted if the Transfer Waiting Time (total time from the moment you get off the out-of-service vehicle to the moment you board the transfer vehicle) exceeds 30 minutes.
  • You will not receive a Transfer Discount when you use the Airport Limousine Bus, circular shuttle bus between Busan Station and International Passenger Terminal or buses that belong to other self-governing bodies, such as those of Ulsan and Jinhae.